Thursday 6 November 2014

Hashtag Sweater Weather

If asked, I would always say that I prefer hot weather to cold, but lately I think I’m going the other way. This time of year is just so gosh darn cosy. Hot drinks and big meals and fireworks and mulled wine and roaring fires... there’s a lot of great things about Autumn, and last Saturday we took advantage of most of them.

It was the St Albans fireworks display, which is one of the best in the area, so we made up some flasks of mulled wine and headed into the town centre. We stopped for a cheeky bite at Relish (fast becoming my favourite burger joint) and then went off to meet my friends.

Dress - H&M | Watch c/o Shore Projects

Quick aside – I never really use flasks, so I had no idea how great the good ones are! Our £10 Thermos from Robert Dyas kept our wine piping hot from 3pm until 10pm – seriously impressed! It might have lasted longer, but, y’know, we drank it.

The fireworks were fantastic, the company even better. We retired to the pub afterwards for a boozy catch-up, and went to bed far too late... although not before lighting our remaining sparklers in the car park by my house. My neighbours LOVE me.


  1. Gorgeous photos Sarah!! And I'm a bit in love with the polka dot strap of your watch <3 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Glad you had a fab time - I broke my Thermos and now it leaks everywhere :( Need a new one but there are always so many more fun things to buy.

  3. Your firework photos are amazing! I can never get any good ones, I guess my camera isn't good enough, either that or I'm just hopeless... I love fireworks night, it's so fun, sparklers are the best!


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