Thursday 27 November 2014

Just another Christmas Gift Guide...

Buying Christmas presents is actually one of my favourite things. I fill in my little spreadsheet (shut up, it’s not sad) and then flex my plastic and watch in excitement as packages arrive through the door. Then I get to wrap them and label them and give them out – it’s pretty much the best thing ever. And then I get presents too! Which I always kind of forget about, so it’s a total bonus.

Now I know you’ve seen a thousand gift guides already… but here’s another one, because I like writing gift guides, and maybe this is actually the only blog you read. But there are good ideas in here too!

I normally get my Dad books, or failing that jumpers. I think I might have stretched to new shirts last year. But I’m actually considering pushing the boat out and getting slippers this year – I KNOW. Creative. But these slippers from Crockett & Jones are super nice and look very comfy, and that works for me.

Navy Slippers

I used to find Mum so hard to buy for, but then I realised that she is pretty terrible at buying nice things for herself (she’s not bad at it, she just doesn’t do it) so it’s nice to get her jewellery or makeup or accessories. Scarves are always an excellent bet for Mums (and Grandmas, Aunts and in-laws) – how pretty is this one from House of Fraser? The good thing with scarves is that it’s totally acceptable to have a million, so buy them every year!

one | two | three | four

Small People
I quite like giving out things-to-do to my nieces and nephews. It keeps them entertained and allows the rest of the family to crack open the amaretto! My two nieces and three nephews range in age from 2 to 11 so there’s quite a lot of scope there, but here are a few of my favourite bits from Dotcomgiftshop:

Pretty Owls | Tea Set | Make Your Own T-Rex | Disguise | Rocket Playhouse

I know exactly what I’m getting my sister, but I can’t possibly put that here because I know she reads my blog! I’ve bought her boots for the last couple of years though (sorry Becky, not this year) – here are a few pairs I think she’d like. Or failing that, I like them…

one | two | three | four

I actually just tend to get presents for my brother’s kids rather than him, but I spotted the first of these books on his shelf recently. I noticed it as I’d actually just bought it as a gift for my Granny’s birthday, and now my Dad is reading it and raving about it. I haven’t actually read it myself! But books are always an excellent present, and the great thing with buying someone the first in a series is that you can buy the later books in the series as presents the next year!

one | two | three

Yeah, you guessed it – more books. I can totally spoil it here, as she doesn’t have the internet. I always buy Granny books. Even though she’s 98, she’s as sharp as a tack, and I love having awesome literature conversations with her. For her birthday, I got her the first in this series too on Ashleigh’s recommendation, and I know she really enjoyed it - so I’ve bought books 2 and 3. Easy peasy!

one | two | three

He also reads this blog, so I can’t tell you what I’ve actually got him (but it’s so good! I really want to!) but I’ve been scouring the emails from Not On The Highstreet and Etsy for inspiration and there’s LOADS. I also got him this book for his birthday a few months back, which is a great idea if you want your boyfriend to make you some booze. And I’m pretty sure you do. And he got me this book for MY birthday... and we have had more brunch since...

one | two

Best Friend
I don’t want to spoil things, but I have been spending lots of time looking at the gifts page on ASOS. So much cuteness! Excellent for Secret Santas, too:

one | two | three | four | five

How about you? Found any awesome websites I should be looking at?


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