Thursday 14 May 2015

Paris is always a good idea.

It was actually over two months ago now that we visited Paris - I'm not sure why it's taken this long to put the photos up! General uselessness, I suppose. Eurostar had a sale late last year, and we were thinking of booking for February, but then we realised we could go a couple of weeks later and be there for our first anniversary. Turns out, if you book Eurostar that early, it's practically sale prices anyway - I think it was £79 each. It costs more to get to some parts of the UK!

As they say, Paris is always a good idea, and that's because it IS. We stayed in a cute (and cheap!) little airbnb apartment in Montmartre and thoroughly enjoyed our four days exploring the city. Because we'd both been before, there was no pressure to see EVERYTHING, so we did a lot of pottering. We did fit in some touristy things though - neither of us had been to the top of the Eiffel Tower before, so that went on the list for our anniversary, cue overpriced champagne at the top, obvs. We also made a point to visit it one evening to see it all lit up. Did you know that on every hour, it sparkles for ten minutes? So pretty. So disco.

We popped back to Notre Dame for a wander, and we also visited the locks of love on the Pont de l'ArchevĂȘchĂ©. I know there's a lot of controversy about the padlocks as they weigh down bridges and cause damage, so I feel a little guilty for contributing to it, but sometimes I'm a sucker for tradition. And we swung by the Wall of Love, which was round the corner from our apartment. I also couldn't leave without spending a small fortune in Sephora - standard.

And obviously, we ate a LOT of good food. We started out with Croque Monsieurs at the first place we found, and it just went uphill from there. For our anniversary dinner, we celebrated with a double course of fondue at L'Assiette aux Fromages - yes, it was amazing. Melted cheese followed by melted chocolate is always going to be a good idea.

We visited Blend for some frankly excellent burgers, and had breathtaking steak at Les Tantes Jeannes - a restaurant that I'd earmarked before we left England, only to find out that our apartment was literally above it. Convenient! I would have happily eaten there every night, to be honest. There were three types of steak sauce! Without paying extra!

Crepes, obviously. Pastries, obviously. Red wine, obviously. We even found somewhere for brunch on the Sunday at Le Cafe Quiparle - brunch is huge in Paris right now, apparently.

It was a pretty wonderful long weekend, and I'm desperate to book our next trip. We were quite close to booking Dublin or Belfast for this weekend, actually, but opted to appreciate having a couple of free days for once. But I'm still thinking about it. Maybe a birthday trip in July...



  1. Oh man, I'm so sad I didn't end up going to Paris last year. I had to go to a conference in Vegas which clashed and then we ended up breaking up instead. Maybe this year, though.

  2. Ah Paris really is such a good idea! The Eurostar blows me mind sometimes with how cheap it can be.


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