Thursday 16 July 2015

Australian and UK penpal goodie box challenge

Back in the day, when us bloggers were just starting out, there seemed to be a lot more collaboration. I still remember being nominated by Ellie to receive a dress from F&F at Tesco when I'd never received any review items before, and it was so exciting. Bloggers are a pretty sociable lot, and - in my experience, at least - not that competitive. The thing is, anyone who reads blogs will rarely just stick to one, so it's always worth spreading the word to your readers about other blogs you love. Spreading the love, if you will.

These days though, there's collaboration amongst bloggers organised by brands. Most of the collectives like the Aussie Angels and Witch Flawless Friends have split up, and the only time I seem to engage with other bloggers is when I'm entering the same competition as them. It's a shame. So I was really enthusiastic about this campaign from Austravel, who wanted to match up bloggers in Australia and the UK, and help them send goodies from their homeland to each other.

I was teamed with Tiffany from Corrupting Miffy who sent me this awesome box of goodies. It includes a couple of packs of Tim Tams (like extra delicious Penguins), a cute teatowel, some gift tags, a list pad, some hand cream and Paw Paw ointment (a cult beauty item that I learned a bit about here). I've already demolished the packet of salted caramel Tim Tams - amazing!

I foolishly didn't photograph the box I sent Tiffany, but inside I put my favourite Rimmel lipstick, a lilac Barry M nailpolish (that I'm not sure will get through customs), some H by Holland nude falsies, a Topshop necklace, Jaffa Cakes, Dairy Milk, Guinness Chocolate and of course some tea.

This was a really fun campaign to take part in, and was supported by the Austravel brand, who aim to explore the differences between the UK and Oz. It makes me nostalgic for the days of pen pals - I used to have so many!


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  1. It really is a fun activity, it seems I should be prepared to look at a small gift.


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