Sunday 12 July 2015

The best food stalls at Glastonbury 2015

It's hard to believe that I've already been home from Glastonbury for two weeks. I spend half the year looking forward to it, after buying my tickets in October, and then it's over in a flash and back to reality. It was an amazing one this year, though. The weather was pretty great - apart from a couple of rather large downpours - and the music was just out of this world. Lionel Richie will be one of my life highlights for a long long time, I think. I also really loved Frank Turner, Belle & Sebastian, Burt Bacharach, Pharrell and of course Florence - she owned that stage.

As is tradition now, I thought I'd bring you my food highlights from this year (here's last year's, and the year before). The food was pretty special, as always, although unlike last year I felt that it took me a couple of days to have something truly OMG amazing. But by that time it was Friday and I realised that with three days left, I had to make every meal count. And I did! I didn't seem to eat so much junk food this year, actually - I usually come back feeling a bit poisoned and craving salad, but this time I came back and got a KFC on the way home and a takeaway for dinner. Ahem. Back to salads now though, honest guv.

The duck stall
Matt and I were so intrigued by this stall, which just sold duck products, that we decided to each order something different and share it. Annoyingly, I can't remember the name - I think it was Mothercluckers, but Google's got nothing. I got the duck burger, he got the wrap. I've never had a duck burger before, and this was a little weird. I think, actually, that it wasn't all duck, but was a regular burger with duck mixed through it - which tasted a little odd with hoisin. Wasn't sure. But Matt's duck wrap was scrummy, like the wraps you make from a Chinese but bigger and better. He won the ordering competition this time, by far.

Right next to the duck stall was this exciting looking hot dog stall, which most definitely delivered. I ordered the beautifully named Camel Toe, which was a lamb sausage with various toppings, and Matt had Clinton's Lovechild, a handful of chorizo based wonder. These were excellent, gourmet hot dogs. I was expecting them to end up all over my face, but they were enjoyably un-messy. They're based in London, and I'm very tempted to go back - I was sad to leave without getting some of their jerk fries, as I tried some of my friend's and they were wonderful.

Banh Mi
I've not had Vietnamese before, but I was recommended to try this stall and I'm glad I did. Banh Mi is Vietnamese barbecue, in a baguette with salad and dressing, and it's SO good. I had the chicken and it was sooo good, full of flavour and so fresh teamed with the salad. Matt also raved about the pork as he loooved the wasabi dressing (yuck).

The Soulful Food Company
We loved the stews we had from this place so much that I have an upcoming recipe post dedicated to trying to emulate them. They were warm and hearty and entirely wrong for the boiling hot weather, so it's a testament to them that it didn't matter. They actually sell their pots away from stalls, so I'm now going to be dedicating my life to seeking them out. We had the pulled pork and the Moroccan chicken, and I've been thinking about them ever since.

Buddha Bowls from Wholefood Heaven
I generally don't check the internet at Glastonbury - I use a cheap pay as you go phone because I can't be dealing with the terrible battery life of smart phones, and it's actually quite nice being internet free for a few days - but a friend of mine this year read out the Buzzfeed list of Glastonbury food stalls and it left me really wanting to try Buddha Bowls. The little, plain stall always had a big queue and with good reason - it was delicious. We had mixed grains, massaman curry and salad, topped with halloumi. It was AMAZING. So flavoursome and great for you - not chock full of salt and additives. I feel like if I ate this every day at Glastonbury (not a hardship, believe me) I could come back having lost weight, ha.

I really wanted to try Fat Salad and to return to Luardos for their burrito (I had the nachos but they didn't seem as good as I remembered). Oh, and the jerk chicken stall, usually a tradition. I did go back to the Cheese Truck, the Tor Rugby Club fajita stand (nowhere near as good as it once was, I feel, and the breakfast burrito was very disappointing), Le Rac Shack (the raclette has definitely got smaller) and of course the Tea and Toast stall, for that all important bedtime dinner.


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  1. Great pictures! All the food looks amazing. The hot dog looks especially nice - I would have gone for the chorizo one as a chorizo hot dog sounds amazing. :)


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