Saturday 18 July 2015

Hendricks Gin Fling Garden Party, Hertfordshire

Gin keeps getting thrown my way lately, and I'm kind of ok with that. I think it's just super trendy right now, so everyone's just jumping on the gin wagon. Funny, really, when you consider how long gin's been around these parts for - since the Middle Ages, don't you know. I do love the idea of Anne Boleyn enjoying a nice G&T to take her mind off her awful husband, don't you?

(FYI, history is the only subject I ever failed, so cut me some slack if my dates are messed up.)

Anyway, I do hate to ignore gin, so I went along to the Hendrick's Gin Fling garden party which took place in Wheathampstead last week. They brought along their awesome Hendrick's bus, and served G&Ts to happy people. They also ran regular gin masterclasses, to educate everyone on the wonders of gin. Including me!

I've always thought of Hendrick's as a really established, almost antique brand, due to their old-fashioned bottles and vintagey aesthetic, but actually it's only sixteen years old. They've worked hard to learn from gin-makers of the past and have created a gin that's not quite like anything else out there. Our guide talked us through all the components that make up gin, and gave us the chance to touch, sniff and taste jars of elderflower, coriander seeds and juniper berries. Ever tried a juniper berry? It's basically just the taste of gin, but in a berry. Pretty weird (and great).

As I've said before, I'm not a big tonic fan - I just find it really bitter - but I persevered with my G&T and it wasn't TOO bad. Maybe I can learn to like it! I did it with wine! I think it was the combo of Hendrick's, which is quite a flavourful gin, and Fever Tree, which is quite a mild tonic (according to Twitter). I'm not a full convert yet, but I am going to persevere - or maybe I'll just cop out and become a bitter lemon or elderflower girl.

We had a great time at the gin fling at the Wicked Lady (a bit more on this lovely gastro pub soon) - pop along to enjoy some gin this summer, or keep an eye on your local area, as it may be coming to a pub near you this summer!



  1. Great pictures! This looks like a really cool experience. I've never actually tried gin before. :)

  2. You can never go wrong with Gin!


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