Sunday 20 December 2015

Review: Honest Christmas Burger and Meat Liquor Christmas Menu

Honest Burger London Christmas Menu Seasonal Food

Now, if you know anything about me at all, you’ll know that I love me some Christmas themed food. I’d probably love Easter and Halloween themed food too, but no one really seems to DO that as much, apart from chocolate. It’s a shame. Let’s make it happen, world.

Throughout December, I’ve been enjoying working in a busy town centre a little too much. So many M&S and Pret seasonal sandwiches to work my way through! It’s been wonderful. As well as Christmas sandwiches though, there are also Christmas burgers to consider. I’ve already talked about the ones at The Snug, of course, but with London only a stone’s throw away, I had to try a couple.

The Honest Christmas burger was top of my list. Actually, ANY Honest burger was – I still hadn’t been, even though I kept hearing wonderful things... especially about those rosemary chips. Well, I can confirm that the chips are indeed fabulous. Proper chip shop, squishy chips – NOT FRIES – sprinkled with a rosemary salt. A few were on the saltier side, but it all evened out in a happy tasty lunchtime.

Honest Burger London Christmas Menu Seasonal Food

And the burger? Ohhh baby. A perfectly cooked medium rare burger, topped with bacon, cranberry sauce, rocket... oh, and DEEP FRIED BRIE. All burgers should be like this. It was also just a really good size. I’m starting to feel quite anti burgers that are TOO big, and this was just right. It was an amazing combination, and I would recommend it to everyone. Even vegetarians. This one would turn you.

I also tried the Meat Liquor Christmas menu earlier this week. I don’t have any photos of this, because I forgot my camera and the lighting is just terrible in there. Are the red lights a conscious effort to dissuade instagrammers? Because if so, it works – this is way too ugly to put on Instagram.

There are a few options on the Christmas menu at Meat Liquor (and Meat Mission and Meat Market – I was at Meat Market for these) and I tried a few of them, because I like variety and refuse to believe that my eyes are bigger than my belly. Turns out they are, but I’m still glad I tried the XMac & Cheese. These are mac’n’cheese bites, deep fried. They were good, but a bit bland – I would have liked a stronger cheese and a thicker sauce.

I also tried the Christmas cocktail, Yule Regret It In The Morning, a wondrous combination of vodka, amaretto and gingerbread syrup in a vanilla shake. To be honest though, I wasn’t a fan. Maybe my server was just a bit heavy handed with the gingerbread syrup, but I found it too sickly and don’t think I even had half of it. I know other people have loved it though, so if you want it, do try it for yourself!

And finally, the XXXmas burger. This is a REAL Christmas burger – it actually tastes like Christmas dinner in burger form. Rather than just a regular beef burger with Christmassy themed things piled on top (not that there’s anything wrong with that, Honest Burgers), the patty was made of sausage and stuffing, then topped with roast turkey slices, crispy bacon, cranberry sauce and plenty of gravy. It was SO good. I mean, it was a nightmare to eat – the gravy was too moist for the bun to stay together and I had to fetch a knife and fork, which you may remember is NOT my condoned form of burger eating (it should go all over your hands and all over your face otherwise you are DOING IT WRONG) but 100% would eat again.

I don’t think I’ll have time for Yeah! Burger this year, which is a sad story because they have an amazing Christmas menu – a turkey burger with cranberry and port jelly inside a chicken mince Scotch egg? A venison burger with red cabbage, reindeer moss and birch syrup? Confit duck, truffled pomme puree, honey roast root veg, gravy dipped brioche? Yeah, that last one is aptly named Jesus Christ, as I assume that’s what people say when they see it on the menu. But I think any more London visits are out for me this year – I have a few days left of work then I’m in hibernation mode. I have a very comfy sofa and a Papa Johns promo calling my name (more promo vouchers here, join me in my gluttony plz).

Anyway. Hooray for burgers! What have you had this year? And did you know that when I googled to see what Christmas burgers I could eat in NYC, THERE WERE NONE? What the hell, America. You’re missing a trick here.


Honest Burger London Christmas Menu Seasonal Food


  1. I'm going in between Christmas and New Year for that Honest burger. I CAN'T WAIT!

  2. That Honest burger is SO good isn't it? Deep fried brie for life x

  3. Oh lord I'm actually salivating now... THE BRIE. I've included this in my '5 Awesomely Christmassy Posts' round up :)

    Liz x

    Distract Me Now Please

  4. DEEP. FRIED. BRIE. *heavy breathing*

    I need to eat that burger right now.

    Grace | eat, write + explore x


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