Wednesday 30 December 2015

Recipe: Baileys and salted caramel chocolate trifle

Salted caramel and Baileys chocolate trifle for New Year's Eve

Friends, I have a sad story for you today. You see, for the longest time, I didn't think I liked trifle. The mess of different things together, the creepy way the cold custard wibbled... I didn't think it was for me. Then one day, I tried a trifle, and realised that fundamental rule of food - that if all the components are good, the finished product will be awesome.

I haven't looked back, but this year is the first time I made my own trifle. But while I do enjoy a traditional trifle these days, I'm still not sure why you'd choose it if you could have something chocolatey instead. So the logical next step? Chocolate trifle. I found this recipe in Good Food magazine about a month ago, and as soon as I mentioned "Oh, it includes brownies soaked in Baileys," not making it for Christmas was unthinkable. My sister would have disowned me, Matt would have dumped me, my parents would have put me up for adoption. So, you know, it's for my own good.

Salted caramel and Baileys chocolate trifle for New Year's Eve

Baileys & Salted Caramel Chocolate Trifle
Adapted from a recipe from BBC Good Food Magazine

500ml pot ready-made vanilla custard
100g dark chocolate
400g chocolate brownies (I bought a couple of tubs of the ready-made ones, but you could make them)
100ml Baileys, plus about 6 tbsp extra for soaking the brownies
121g bag Maltesers
Handful of white chocolate buttons
500ml double cream
25g icing sugar
1 tin condensed milk
150g dark brown sugar
150g butter

Serves approx. 10.

1. Put the custard in a saucepan and break the dark chocolate into it. Heat on a low heat and stir carefully until the chocolate has completely melted into the custard. Cover the surface to stop the custard forming a skin, then set aside to cool.
2. Pop the brownies into the bottom of your trifle bowl, then drizzle about 6 tablespoons of Baileys over them to just about cover the base of the bowl.
3. Use a rolling pin to bash the Maltesers and chocolate buttons in their bags or in a bowl, then sprinkle over the brownies.
4. Once the custard is cool, spoon it over the top of the brownies and pop into the fridge to chill and set.
5. Make your caramel using this method - in a saucepan, melt the butter and brown sugar together until combined, then add the condensed milk. Stir well until combined, add a healthy pinch of salt. Let the caramel come to the boil, then remove immediately from the heat and set aside to cool.
6. Once the caramel is cool, pour over the top of the custard and pop the lot in the fridge until you're ready to serve.
7. Add the cream just before you're ready to serve, but you can prep it the day before (like I did). Add the cream to a mixing bowl, sift over the icing sugar and pour in your 100ml of Baileys. Whip with an electric mixer until the cream stiffens into soft peaks - this will take a while to thicken because of the Baileys, but it'll get there.
8. Spoon the cream over the caramel, and top with a few Maltesers and leftover chunks of brownies, if you have them.
9. Serve immediately, but this will keep in the fridge for at least another day. Hello, leftovers.

This is an EXCELLENT trifle. Boozy, rich and decadent. I've tweaked the original recipe a little (hello, salted caramel) and I can assure you, this will be my go-to dessert now for most occasions. Unless it's a kid's party - bit inappropes, with all the Baileys. But let me tell you, turn up at your NYE party tomorrow with this in-hand, and you'll be very, veeery popular.

I've been very into the Baileys recipes this year - pop back tomorrow for some NYE cocktails!

Baileys kindly provided me with the ingredients for this post.

Salted caramel and Baileys chocolate trifle for New Year's Eve


  1. I'm over here with a sad story too. I don't like trifle. Atleast, I've decided I don't like trifle and I can't remember the last time I had it. Will this convert me?? It sounds incredible! You're so right though - if all the components are good, why would I not love it? x

  2. Something about custard and cream just gets me! I LOVE it! But you are so right, if given the choice to have something full of chocolate why not?! With Baileys it is just the perfect trifle. Hopefully I will have the chance to make one soon!

  3. This looks glorious and I am going to make it. xx


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