Monday 18 January 2010

Down with jeans!

There's a line in the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney, whilst extolling the virtues of suits, sings 'Send casual Fridays down the laundry chute...' (Nothing suits me like a suit!)

I love it, not just because any time NPH is singing and dancing on my screen is A-OK with me, but because it's so true. I hate casual Fridays. I don't do casual. I wear skirts and dresses 95% of the time, and the other 5% I spend in tracksuit bottoms and pyjamas. One of which I am wearing right now. Can you guess? (Yeah, it's totally jim-jams. God love jim-jams.)

My favourite thing to wear to work is a tea dress, accessorised with a cardi, tights and killer heels. I only have a couple of tea dresses though, so have been on the lookout for new ones for some time.


I have such a floral fetish at the moment, and it seems like Dotty Ps have decided to take their latest line STRAIGHT OUT OF MY HEAD. Wow.

However, I find this a problem, because if DP just had one dress I liked, I would buy it. But they have about fifty dresses I like, and NONE of them are in the sale. And I have a no-sale pact for January, so I'm just going to have to dream of them until February. Although, if I bought all of the above, I'd be looking at about £400. Ouch.

But, still. I want them. All. Now. Please?

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  1. Hi, never mind me, I'm just reading my way through your old blog posts, but I wanted to say I have the dress in the middle of the second row and it is my FAVOURITE. DRESS. EVER. I share your passion for tea dresses and if I could sew I would remake this exact dress in multiple fabrics because it is simply the most perfect dress.
    End of dress-induced ramblings...


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