Thursday 28 January 2010

I'm so obsessive. (part two!)

It's time for yet another edition of Things I'm Currently Obsessed With!

My Christmas present to myself this year was an iPhone, as my upgrade was due January 1st. I'm in love. I can access the internet anywhere (not remotely helping my already crippling Facebook addiction), and it's so shiny and sleek and futuristic and amazing.

Shoe sales!
Thank you, New Look, and your £5 shoes! I really need a bigger wardrobe.

I've wanted some of these glove/mitten hybrids for a while, and luckily Santa listened and rewarded me with these, from Accessorize. Snuggly, practical and pretty.

Taking photos of the snow:
I hate walking in it. I hate driving in it. I hate standing in it. But goddamn, it's pretty.

And I really hope it's gone for good now.



  1. I also got those Glittens from Santa...they are perfect, I love them! The buttons fell off really quickly and I lost one so I can't sew them back on, boo, but they are so lovely, I've forgiven them!

  2. Oh that's such a shame! My buttons have somehow held up, even though I stuff them carelessly into my handbag every day. But I love them too. They're so pretty. My friend's 9 year old daughter actually chose them, which says a lot about my taste I think!

    You could replace the buttons on them? I'm a big fan of button replacing - although I only ever seem to substitute with red buttons. Red buttons are the best.

  3. i like walking in the snow, but i HATE driving in it! my car has the worst grip ever, i go skidding everywhere. i thought it was gone for good but then it came back last night :( only a sprinkling though!

  4. Love your blog! Just saw it on o_hs. Following you! Your layout is pretty.

  5. Two comments on one post...I appear to be an obsessive myself! I got my stamps from this Etsy seller can choose the little picture, and three lines of text, and the seller is lovely (especially when dealing with those difficult people with rather long web addresses such as *ahem* me...!).

    I think I'll try replacing those buttons!

  6. Helen, my car is surprisingly great in the snow. My balance, not so much. I found out that my practical flat black boots were not so practical when I fell over FOUR TIMES during the ten minute walk to my friend's house. It hurt to walk for about two weeks afterwards, I was so bruised. :( We didn't get any more snow here this weekend though, yay!

    Thanks Suze! :)

    Ah I love Nothing Elegant, Sarah! I saw the business cards Carrie did on wishwishwish and making my own has been a project for a while - I find it hard to draw simple designs though, I like detail. But I am determined to draw my own eventually, I think I'm going to go to VistaPrint. I do really really need some!

  7. Your pictures of the snow are so pretty! I hope it's gone for good now though, too! Getting kinda sick of falling on my bum on the ice, & people laughing at me!

  8. Zoe, your words ring oh so true. Can it be summer now please?


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