Thursday 14 January 2010

Why my head is never cold.

I love hats.

No, really, I do. I have more hats than anyone else I know, and it has been this way for a long time. Back when I was 13 or 14, hats were not fashionable. You might have worn a plain beanie when it was cold (I had an Arsenal one that I sometimes wore, despite the fact that I never ever gave a damn about football, but I was assured it was cool). However, this was about the time when the stars of teen American TV
lived in hats. Anyone remember Alex Mack?
Sister Sister?
Or even... Blossom?

(Although actually I was way more like Blossom's BFF, Six, because I can talk really really really fast without taking a breath for ages, it's a gift.)

Hats, hats, hats, all the time, hats! So, my impressionable young brain became obsessed with the concept of wearing hats
all the time, and as a result I started collecting them. I had a couple of Samuel L.Jackson style Kangol hats that looked really... well, bad. But I loved them, and even though my fashion sense has improved (thank god), my love of hats has never gone away.

See though, this is one of the things I love about winter, because it’s an excuse to wear hats aaaall the time. And I have a lot of hats. A

That's maybe half my collection.

Note to self: buy less hats.


  1. Amazing! i love hats too :) people have always said i have a 'head for hats' haha.

    And now that you've pointed it out, how freakin' weird about all the 90's shows we used to watch!? they all wore hats. maybe some sort of overt marketing ploy to get kids to buy more hats. it obviously worked! haha. I loved six so much, remember- 'let's talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and me'? haha. amazing.

  2. I also get told that I suit hats! I love them, they're basically the only good thing about it not being summer.

    I know! I always figured that there was some big fashion for hats in American schools (and overknee socks!). It totally worked on me too! But at least hats are a lot more stylish now. :)

  3. Unfortunately, my need to wear hats over the past few weeks has led to almost permanent hat hair - the back of my head looks like it has exploded...

  4. I love the hats! I've never had much luck finding hats that I like. Maybe I'm wearing them wrong or something.

    Also your hair looks so pretty in those photos. I'd be interested in a post about how you fix your hair ;) So perhaps I can steal your style tips.

  5. I don't really get hat hair, because my hair is so voluminous that it takes a hell of a lot to ping it down. Maybe your hats are too tight?

    I can try and do a post on my styling tips, but hair-wise, that's mostly natural. I washed it, put some sunsilk stuff on it, scrunched it a bit and then let it dry. Oh, and I blowdried and straightened my fringe. That's basically my daily routine - it's hit and miss, but at the moment it's got really long, which seems to be helping it behave.

    Oh, and the key to hats is to wear them far back on your head - let your fringe/front of hair show a bit. Although I think certain hats suit certain people more than others. I can do berets, but anything with a brim = awful.

  6. I love hats too...unfortunately I generally look a bit rubbish in them ha! Also just to let you know that there is a blog award waiting for you over at my blog ( - love the blog! (another) Sarah x

  7. I love hats! Unfortunately, I have horrible curly hair that makes pulling them off virtually impossible. (-_-)

    You look good in them, though. =)

  8. The photo collage is adorbs. I, tragically, do not have a head for hats. I look quite silly in hats. So I'm constantly rocking headbands or hair scarves.

  9. Ah, I feel like there is a hat for everyone, you just have to find the right one! Or you could rock a snood. Snoods are back!

    Please note, since writing this post, I have bought another hat. Oops. But it had a bobble on it!


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