Sunday 3 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010!!

As much as I love Christmas, my heart has always belonged to New Year's Eve. After all the stress and expense of Christmas, it's so nice to have a night with all my friends. Also, dressing up for a big event is one of my favourite things to do ever. If I didn't like sleeping so much, I'd be happy to spend every day in a pretty dress with perfectly coiffed locks, false eyelashes and killer heels.

(Sidenote: I appear to have finally learned to walk in heels this year! I'm not sure how it happens, but suddenly I can last all night in 4.5 inch heels. Amazing!)

This year, my NYE consisted of a civilised dinner party with a few of my closest friends. The food was amazing - I brought dessert, of course. Stay tuned for a post on that, hurrah. It all seemed very grown-up, except of course we all ended up drinking too much wine and dancing around my friend Sarah's living room.

I loved how perfect my ringlets turned out. :)

So, new year, new decade, and that means resolution time! I always have mixed success with my resolutions, but this year I am determined to get fit and live a healthier life. Although this means giving up on all the buttery cakes and desserts that I love sooo much (at least for a while), I got two great books on low-fat desserts for Christmas so all is not lost. This isn't going to turn into a diet blog, I promise.

Other resolutions include trying to be slightly more sensible with money... oh, and to learn to like red wine. A very important life skill, I think you'll agree.

I hope you all had a great Christmas break! What are your resolutions?


  1. Lovely photo collage!

  2. Happy New Year!

    I have (on the spur of the moment) decided that my resolution is to try and end up cooking at least one meal a week from scratch. Don't know how it will go - and I certainly can't do it at the moment with the lack of heating - but I have a couple of beginners' recipe books that I can start off with.

  3. I've never met a person who prefered NYE to Christmas, until now! But your New Year sounded lovely, you just can't beat a nice civilized dinner party with friends! xxx

  4. That's a great resolution, Mike! I recommend the BBC Good Food books - super cheap on Amazon, and really easy. I need to cook more... am far too reliant on pizza at the moment.

    Hee, Victoria, I do love Christmas, but I think for me it's all about the build-up. NYE never disappoints! Especially when you have the kind of friends who bring four different desserts...


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