Wednesday 3 March 2010

I can't wait for summer.

I'm so sick of being cold all the time. Sure, I'll never stop loving opaque black tights, and having an excuse to wear berets all the time, but seriously now. It's March. The clocks are about to change (I can never remember if it's back or forward. Forward. It's forward.) Bring on the summer.

Summer is, without a doubt, my favourite time of year. There's always so much to look forward to. Despite being a grownup now and not getting school holidays, and despite the fact that summer is our busiest period at work, it doesn't matter. The long days, the warmth... beer gardens... oh, it just puts everyone in a better mood. I'm cold blooded, anyway, so too much frostyness makes me grumpy. I need some sunshine.

Here's what I'm especially looking forward to this year.

Moving House!
Eeee! So, in July, I'm planning to move into a house with my sister (and niece). We're going to create a gorgeous, girlie haven. I've never got to indulge my inner interior designer before and I'm so full of ideas. It's so incredibly exciting! I can't wait to show you our progress. But more importantly, I can't wait to start SHOPPING.

The toilets are hideous. You have to sleep on the ground. Outside. There's no access to hair straighteners (hairdryers, even). Yet despite feeling hideous and filthy for the best part of a week, I wouldn't change a thing (okay, I might make it less rainy and muddy and the beds a bit more comfortable). It's just AMAZING. I nearly missed out on getting a ticket this year, and the idea of not getting to go while my friends skipped off with their tents was simply devastating. Oh, Glastonbury. I love you.

If I won the lottery I would move to Edinburgh for the entirety of August. There's always so much to see and it's impossible to fit it all in. There's such a great atmosphere. It's a gorgeous city anyway, and when it's teeming with comedians, it's even better. Realising you're sharing a train platform with Frankie Boyle or shouldering James Bachman out of the way at the bar or giving Simon Amstell your last
toffee eclair or bumping into Russell Brand in a public bathroom... well, it never gets old. And the shows are awesome, too. (Okay, to be fair, the Simon and Russell stories actually happened in Islington. But they did happen!)

Ben & Jerry's Summer Sundae!
This mini-festival in the centre of London is one of my favourite summer events. It's normally sunny, the music is nice and chilled out... oh, and did I mention that your reasonably priced ticket entitles you to AS MUCH ICE CREAM AS YOU CAN EAT?! Also, it tends to fall on or around my birthday. Perfect timing, really.

Oh yeah, and that brings me to... MY BIRTHDAY!
Not that I like the idea of getting older (my twenties are rapidly dwindling and it upsets me), but I will never stop loving my birthdays. It's at the perfect time of year - the end of July, nearly always warm (and, when it counted, right at the start of the school holidays), and not near any other major events like Christmas or Easter. I don't even have any friends with July birthdays so I basically get ownership of the whole month. Plus, presents, cake... oh, and almost always, cocktails and dancing. It's the best.

What are your favourite things about summer?


  1. Sundresses! Schlitterbahn! (a water park in Texas I visit every year.) ACL music fest! And this year, Mexico and NYC! Furthermore, my birthday is also at the end of July (but as I live on another continent, your ownership remains valid for the UK). I'm ready for summer with a quickness.

  2. I don't know, every day feels like summer in LA so I get bored.

  3. Ooh, congrats on moving with your sister.

    I'm looking forward to sunshine, flip flops, and hanging out in my new backyard.

  4. Summer means stuffing Gilbert, our VW Camper, with vegeburgers and booze and heading off to the festivals.
    It's all about vintage maxis, gladiator sandals and oversized sunnies.
    Drinking cider in a field, getting up early and hitting the car boot sales and getting a sunburnt face.
    I love the summer.

  5. I hear ya girle! Couldnt agree more. Sounds like you have an exciting summer ahead :) Lots of fun stuff to look forward to. This summer I cant wait for travelling around europe with my boyfriend, finally moving out, and generally just having some time off to chill after I graduate and I need to find a real job :p xx

  6. Summer? Camping, eating in the garden, bare legs, sitting outside on lazy weekend afternoons with my best friends and drinking cocktails. I'm so looking forward to it this year.

  7. Your blog is beautifl :)
    I'm following you now follow back?

    Hope you're well


  8. I cant wait for summer! BBQ with friends everyone is so much happier in the summer :)

    great blog x please check out mine


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