Tuesday 12 October 2010

They told me not to step on the cracks.

The blogs are alive... with the sound of a new product. Barry M's Crackle Topcoat has hit, and we have an obsession on our hand.

I nabbed one the other day - and tried it out this weekend. It's only available in black so it looks best over a pale or pastel shade. I sampled it over Barry M's Berry:

Pretty, right? It's super simple to use. You just paint a coat of it over your polish, and as it dries, it separates, causing funky patterns. I was out on Saturday and everyone was like, 'Wow! It looks awesome! God you're patient!' Ha, no. Not that patient.

The effect kind of reminds me of cows. Or dalmatians. It IS crackly, but the word I'd use is splodgy. But it's quite cool, and a great way to get an unusual effect on your nails without loads of faffing. Plus, it's like £3.95 a bottle - and they're 2 for £5 at the mo!

The word I would hesitate to use is unique, because it's not. So far, I haven't seen another blogger mention the precursor to this product, probably because most bloggers were still in primary school in 1997. Cover Girl released a crackle topcoat back then, which worked in a similar way, but the crack effect was much more subtle. If I'm honest, I prefer it - but that's personal taste. In general, I prefer the vintage, aged look to the choppy, modern look.

Overall though, this is a great product, and hopefully a sign that nail polish manufacturers are going to start getting a bit more creative. Barry M are very on top of makeup trends, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Or, perhaps this release will get Cover Girl angry and they'll re-release their version to fight back. I HOPE SO.

(I also have no idea if Cover Girl still exists. I know it's long gone over here - but in the States?)

PS - My computer ate the initial draft of this post so I've had to rewrite this from memory. I'm pretty sure all you've missed is something about how I used to work at Superdrug and how makeup is nice. Gutting, right?


  1. I spied your nail photo earlier last week - this looks wicked! I am lame and did not know what it was until I read your post. I will have to hunt some out. Thinking of some awesome colours to wear under it. :)

  2. where on earth did cover girl disappear to?! easy, breezy, beautiful - cover girl! so catchy. i think i prefer their crackle glaze too. have you tried ebay? maybe they still have it in the us.

  3. That looks pretty cool - but I too prefer the cover girl version. The Barry M one just looks a bit too...edgy? Idk! I just don't like it as much.

  4. Awesome! :)

    I've been wanting to try that nail polish for some time now...might have to buy myself a bottle or two xD

  5. Ugh I've been DYING for this since I've seen it on the blog rounds! When my loans finally come through I'm going to hop over to Superdrugs in my town and hope it's still there because there is a distinct lack of style here! Mwahaha.

    Also, Cover Girl still exists in America, I bought a foundation when I was over there that was pretty good. Tyra talks about it non stop on ANTM. That Tyra...

  6. this looks like a lot of fun to experiment with! I'm sure i'd never be able to make it look this good! xxx

  7. Oh, what fun! I remember having crackle paint when I did wood-working and crafting when I was younger and thought it was the bees knees! So what a delight to see it as nail polish now! I forsee myself abusing it should I ever get my hands on a bottle... haha


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