Friday 29 October 2010

I had some brand new shoes, they were all red but they gave me the blues.

A bit of a different Friday Frock today, dipping this blog’s toe into workwear for the very first time! EXCITING RIGHT.

Oh, the dreaded workwear. It used to be my least favourite thing to find outfits for, and I inevitably settled on black bootleg trousers and v-neck jumpers. No offence if this is your daily uniform but… BORING. I never felt particularly smart in the ensemble, and was always envious of the women in my offices of the past who managed to pull off smart, comfortable and stylish.

It was a couple of years ago that I made a pact with myself to give up trousers. I hate trousers – they never fit properly, they tend to be unflattering on me and I can NEVER get the length right. Despite being only 5’1 the short ones are always too short and the normal ones are always ridiculously long. So: skirts. All the way.

And, of course, as soon as I inflicted this rule, I found myself embracing workwear. Who doesn’t feel smart in a skirt and heels? The a-line shape is an hourglass girl’s best friend, TRUST ME.

Dress: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Belt: M&S
Cardigan: Matalan
Necklace: GOGO Philip

This H&M dress is one of the smartest work outfits I have – it always gets wheeled out for conferences (handily, I have it in grey too). However, for an average day in the office I tend to jazz it up – I just love navy and red together.

The shoes were purchased in the New Look sale last December. They were £3, and I very nearly didn’t buy them, but at the last minute grabbed them (when I say my sister and I took armfuls of shoes to the till, I mean it literally). The cost per wear must be pennies by now – I wear them at least once a week. They’re super comfy, great for adding a splash of colour to a drab outfit and, really, can you ever have enough pairs of red shoes?

“Red shoes, no knickers…”

Oh, shush.



  1. Goooorgeous shoes! I'm a sucker for red shoes, so much so that I'm wearing red shoes when I get married in a month.

    I wish I could look that smart for work.

  2. You could give those Mad Men lasses a run for their money! I applaud your decision for giving up the hideous office uniform of black polyester trousers. xxx

  3. So lovely and ladylike!:D

    I like wearing skirts with tights too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Lovely work outfit. I hate 'business wear' so this is a perfect smart option!

  5. I love red shoes and this is a perfect office outfit! Even though I'm curvy I've got such a high waist and my hips are like two sizes bigger than my chest so I can't wear skirts as they make me look gigantic boo! :(

  6. You look adorable. And yey, you're wearing your Gogo!


  7. I love that outfit! The shoes are gorgeous! I too gave up trousers a little while ago and I feel so much happier about myself for it. I'm a shortie (5'2") too so I definitely know how annoying it is to never be able to find trousers that fit right.

  8. Oh you look lovely Sarah! Want those shoes a bit too much :) Also, please come over and make my hair look like yours! xxx

  9. YOu look fab! I think I have the same dress - don't H&M do some great basics?

    I was one of the black trousers and v neck jumper brigade but I'm SO glad I left that behind. Life is much more interesting in dresses and heels.

  10. Oh, I love workwear. A few years ago I shuddered at the thought of 'office attire' but I've grown to love pussybow blouses, pencil skirts and cute heels. Love this look! x


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