Tuesday 19 October 2010

Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

Last Wednesday, I headed into London for a 10:30 brunch appointment... with Hendrick's Gin. Needless to say, I left my car at home - which was wise, as I was greeted with the above - a Red Snapper - basically a Bloody Mary, but made with gin instead of vodka.

Before I hit the cocktails too hard, I got the chance to explore the Hendrick's Carriage of Curiosities. Putting together something like this must be such fun. Their horseless carriage - situated in a disused petrol station just off Clerkenwell Road - was jampacked with interesting things like a book that opened itself, a stuffed albino hedgehog and a tickle machine.

Hendrick's is smoother than your average gin, which suits me - the bitter aftertaste has always put me off a little. Also, I don't like tonic. But I've discovered that I DO like Red Snappers, and I also like the Hendrick's Buck - which is the magical combination of Hendrick's, lemon juice and ginger ale. Seriously, I had like six of these. Before lunch. And two Hummingbird cupcakes.

This car is amazing. Sorry for the dreadful pictures - at the time it was locked - but it has a teacup holder! And a gin-holder in the boot!

Fiona and I trying it out....

It was a lovely day, and a fantastic chance to meet some more of my fellow bloggers - I can't go on enough about how lovely all the bloggers are that I've met!! Was especially lovely to hang with Fiona from Save Our Shoes and Natasha Bailie from Natasha Bailie's Vintage Clothing Company (who I've been talking to on Twitter for MONTHS), not to mention Sarah from The Enchanted Hunters and Katie from London Plinth, but it was also lovely to meet Laura from Love Miss Daisy Vintage, and the girlies from Style High Club, Retro Chick, Vintage Secret, Notorious Kitsch and Penny Dreadful Vintage. And I've just realised I used the word 'lovely' a hell of a lot in that previous paragraph. But it really WAS. Thank you, Hendricks! I felt well and truly spoilt (and more than a little wobbly on the train home), and am definitely a convert to gin now. Make mine a double!



  1. This looks amazing! Very jealous! I love gin (bombay being my fav)


  2. Looks like one fun day!:D Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. oh wow, it looks amazing. so wish I'd taken the day off work now...

  4. oh, what lovely photographs! it sounds like you had such a wonderful time. you and fi look ever so cute in the car, hehe!

    love, jazzabelle. xx

  5. That looks amazing!!

    Try Gin, lime and lemonade... someone I know once described this as "tasting like leaves" and a Bramble - favourite cocktail EVER (if it's made right)! I've actually never tried just a normal G 'n' T.

  6. oh gosh, I wish I had been invited to this! It looks like something I would have adored! I'm so glad you had a great time and took some beautiful photos!

  7. ahh why do these things never happen up north?! looks amazing.

  8. A car with a teacup holder and GIN IN THE BOOT? Why did you not steal it for me?

  9. This seriously looks like one of the best bloggish things ever! I mean, gin cocktails? amazing! Then everything else on top? Everything is so pretty, such an effort for the celebration of gin!

  10. It really was an amazing day!

    It was nice to meet you, though we didn't get to chat much, maybe another time!

  11. Some great pics here. It was LOVELY to meet you too ;) And the photos of Fi make me laugh, she looks cheeky in every single photo she appears in.

  12. loveeee your blog, everything looks so vintage and pretty!

  13. Wow, this looks delicious and amazing! Gin is definitely the correct spirit of choice! You all look fab in those photos at the end by the way!


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