Friday 27 January 2012

The rain is here and you, my dear, are still my friend.

Lately, I find myself longing for a place with a clear, blank wall. I do love my slopey-ceilinged bedroom, but it makes outfit posts rather difficult. Obviously this is a bit of a rubbish reason to move, but when I start looking in a few months, I know it'll be in the back of my mind. In truth, some weeks it's hard to get an outfit post done in time for Friday evening - and this was one of those weeks. I was poorly last week and it seems to have set everything else back. I hate that.

So, after all that moaning, I have to say these photos do not do this dress justice. In reality, it fits like a dream and I adore the colour - in real life, a slightly more greeny blue than pictured. Coupled with newly dyed shiny hair, I positively strutted around the office in this ensemble yesterday.

Dress - Closet at Dorothy Perkins
Best Necklace Ever - Topshop

If I could, I'd happily have a wardrobe of ponte dresses. They're so easy to wear - no creasing, no clinginess and they're crazy comfortable. I discovered a few Closet ones reduced to £15 each on the Dorothy Perkins website and, well, couldn't resist picking up a couple. I think this one is my favourite because I adore the colour - I got it in black, too, which is very similar to this dress. VERY similar, but I've worn that dress to death, so purchasing a twin is probably sensible.

Aaaaanyway. What are you doing tomorrow? I'm getting drunk. I've finished my antibiotics and out there somewhere is a full-to-the-brim glass of rose with my name on it. So it's decided. Hurrah!


  1. Ooo your hair looks gorgeous Sarah! I too am a fan of Ponte dresses but find (this may be due to my motheres washing skills) that after a couple of wears they go all disgusting and bobbline. Ahh well good while they lasted!

  2. I know what you mean, it is definitely nice to have a designated place to take pictures. I never take pictures of myself but that is something I hope to change in the future . Anywho, I love the color of this dress, you seriously have a talent for color. I think I mention that in every single comment but seriously, gifted. I love when dresses have the wide band under the bust, it is such a figure flattering cut. Drunk weekend plans, oh yeah! I wish that was what I was doing this weekend, I have no idea what my plans are for tomorrow... maybe I'll avoid the dark forces? Jokesy, I'd never abandon the dark forces like that.


  3. You look gorge in that dress, and loving your hair in these photos, beaut :).


  4. I really like this dress! Need to get one, I think it would (hopefully!) suit my figure.

    I love the post-antibiotics-drink ! Always exciting haha!

  5. This dress is lovely and the colour looks fab against your pretty hair !

  6. "Aaaaanyway. What are you doing tomorrow? I'm getting drunk. I've finished my antibiotics and out there somewhere is a full-to-the-brim glass of rose with my name on it. So it's decided. Hurrah!" - I LOVE this sentence! :oD

    For some reason my browser isn't loading your outfit pictures, but from reading the words "Dorothy Perkins" and "ponte dress" assures me that I would love it!

  7. Sweet lord I must photograph you before this year is through

  8. I love that style of dress too, they're so versatile and flattering :) That necklace is so cute! x

  9. i love ponte style dresses those & skater fits are my favs, you look so lovely in that colour aswell! x

  10. What a bargain! This looks fab on you but this style never really looks too great on my monster hips, I'm so out of proportion! So no wardrobe full for meee!!

  11. I agree, Ponte dresses are fab! Love this dress! xx

  12. the colour of this dress is gorgeous! and that necklace is so cute!! xo


  13. Love that dress.


    ♥ Please check out my blog and hopefully subscribe.

  14. Ahh how amazing is that necklace?! I have some topshop vouchers, hope they have it in when I go at the weekend.

  15. Ohh it's such a gorgeous dress, and it goes really well with your hair :) xx
    Sirens and Bells

  16. Has anyone told you, you have such big pretty eyes. Sorry I know that's probably weird.

  17. That necklace is so bloody cute! Oh I have exactly the same thing, what with all my crap I have all the kids clothing, toys etc. Every wall has a hook or something on it, as storage is a must but it's all so messy thats why I take mine outside. I think once I have painted the walls with some bright colours and sorted all my crap out, I'm praying I will have some where. Anyway love that dress xxx


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