Friday 6 January 2012

This scene is dead, but I'm still restless.

If there is one thing I would cheerfully say about myself, it's that I'm cheap. I totally am. It's fine, you can say it. Cheap as chips. I'm that person who, when I receive a compliment about something I'm wearing will declare proudly, 'Thanks! THREE POUNDS!' And very few things fill me with such joy as knowing I've had a really cheap night out.

So those people who spend a fortune on New Year's - I don't get it. Is anywhere really THAT good that it's worth paying to get in and buying drinks at an inflated price all night? Not to mention being jostled by strangers and having to fend off lecherous randoms as the clock strikes midnight. There is a time and a place for stranger jostling and lecherous randoms and IT IS NOT NEW YEAR'S EVE. You know what New Year's Eve IS the time and the place for?

A wine and cheese evening. OBVIOUSLY.

You see, when I was a kid, my parents used to go to all sorts of events that sounded really dull. Like Caravan Club AGMs and dinner parties... and wine and cheese nights. They sounded like the worst things ever. Honestly. Except, as I get older, I've realised that, okay, a Caravan Club AGM probably isn't my thing, but the other two - well, what could be wrong about parties that centre around good food and nice booze? To a kid, wine and cheese might sound dull, but to an adult - well. Wine? Good. Cheese? GOOOOD. It meant an excuse to buy all the cheeses we've ever wanted. Plus, to chuck a Camembert in the oven and make up a giant batch of cheese fondue. HELLO, AWESOME.

It wasn't a crazy night. There were only a few of us, and in hindsight, consuming that amount of food may have been better suited to tracksuit bottoms and a loose tshirt but, come on. If you can't make an effort on New Year's, when can you? SO. A sparkly dress, giant beehive and enormous false eyelashes seemed pretty much compulsory.

And it was FUN. Despite seriously overdosing on cheese and actually feeling rather ill for half the night, I still managed to stay out until 4am. And we gossiped, and chatted, and even had a little dance. Some may say that having strikingly similar parties with the same people every New Year's Eve for the last ten years isn't very adventurous, but you know what? There's no place I'd rather be.

Dress - Oasis (sale bargain, down from £120 to £45 AND SO SPARKLY. Plus, I've ticked #19 off my 30 Before 30!)
Jewellery - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Belt - No idea!


  1. Lovely dress!

    This year I stayed in on NYE with my boyfriend - first time since I was a wee teenager that I've not been out, and it was SO much fun.

    We also bought LOADS of cheese, and I was in such a happy place. Ha. x

  2. I love your dress! Looks great on you :) xx

  3. loving your hair! I'm getting some serious fringe envy... but don't think I'd suit it :\

  4. Love your dress and hair here. I did a similar thing on NYE, got all dressed up just to go to a friend's house for cupcakes, G&Ts and lots of gossiping. So much better than an overpriced night out! x

  5. I don't know where to start with this comment!
    That dress is seriously AMAZING!
    I absolutely LOVE your hair!
    And your New Years Eve sounds like a dream! I'm totally the same, we've had a 5 year tradition now of all getting together, having a good chat & a laugh and ordering a kebab :)

  6. It sounds like a good New Years Eve! I love how you've styled your hair :)
    I always do that too, have to tell people how much my dress was if I got it for a bargain price!! x

  7. Amazing dress!!! I'm so glad you finally got it, it's so gorgeous on you! New Year's Eve is my late dad's birthday so the last thing I ever want to do is "stranger jostling" as you so accurately put it.

    I spent mine so engrossed in a Downton Abbey marathon with my mum (after Chinese takeway at my sister's) that we only realised it was midnight when a lone firework went off! I wouldn't have had it any other way.

    Happy New Year! x

  8. Totally agree with you on staying in for New Year's! The last 3 years my family have stayed in and eaten raclette (basically melted cheese on EVERYTHING) and drunk ourselves silly because no one has to drive home. We all pile out for fireworks at midnight and then collapse in front of rubbish telly. Bliss!

    I adore that Oasis dress, it looks stunning on you! I may have ended up on the Oasis website now to peruse what's left of it... xxx

  9. Cheese is awesome for staying in on NYE. Did that the year before. This year is was mexican food and board games. I don't see the point in going out xx

  10. Cheese and wine are my favourite combos. I could eat cheese all day everyday and can be known to suffer from cheese sweats ha! So attractive! Not best to eat it at 1am I have found out...

  11. a cheese and wine night sounds amazing, and I have to agree that doing all the things my parents did and found hilariously funny but I didnt get as a kid is something I aspire to...they used to play cards and have dinner parties and go to alot of formal nights out that involved my mum wearing crushed velvet, shoulder pads and oodles of sequins and that sounds fun right there!

    You look amazing, and it was NYE, it wouldnt have been the same if you'd been wearing sweat pants!

  12. Sounds uh-mazing! I am obsessed with all things cheese, my mouth is watering at the thought!

  13. You look beautiful, I LOVE the sparkly dress! I did a similar thing to you, good food, fab conversation and no overpriced drinks!

    Maria xxx

  14. LOVE that dress, I miss cheese so much Sarah :( xx

  15. Love your dress, I saw it in the sale but only had size 6!!!

  16. I just tried to buy that dress in the sale and it's sold out!! I'm wailing with jealousy! xx


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