Friday 25 May 2012

Lose myself staring into my coffee cup.

OH MY GOD IT’S SUNNY!!! For someone whose natural skintone is blue and who can’t sit in the sun for more than four minutes without bursting into flames, I am a major sun-lover. It’s just so HOT! It’s not RAINING! My hair ISN’T FRIZZY! SUN SUN SUN SUN.


Also! Now it is hot I can take outfit photos after work again! So I ran outside the other night to show off this dress, which, to be fair, I didn’t wear to work like this. It’s pretty short and definitely requires leggings or tights. But it’s cute, right? I know it’s a total rip-off of that Rihanna dress from a while back, but I kind of loved that dress. It reminded me of this tartan skirt that my mum made me when I was 13, and it was SHORT. I wore it with a red t-shirt and a LOT of makeup to the Galleria cinema in Hatfield with my friend Lisa to go and see the Craft. WHICH WAS A 15. AND WE GOT IN.

Dress - New Look
Wedges - Primark
Hat - eBay
Belt - H&M
Necklace - Topshop

Now, I’m pretty sure I don’t look 15 in this dress, despite the pigtails. I mean, that was nearly half my life ago now (OH MY LORD). But I do feel kind of 90s and awesome! And that’s a good thing. But, okay – really, this is a winter dress. It’s a dress for opaque black tights and a neat little black cardi and chunky boots. But it is SUMMER, and I do not care for your rules, DRESS. Even though you are made of quite thick material and I was fricking boiling.

It has been very busy and mad in my life lately, but it has also been quite nice. Last week has seen me visit Portugal AND Coventry. My life, it is one of excitement.

This weekend I am going to a baby shower and then of course it is EUROVISION!! The best night of the year! I am going to get very drunk and live-tweet it and probably lose billions of Twitter followers in the process. My friends are drawing up our special Eurovision scorecard now. It is very involved, with a Hotness column (normally a reason to give extra points), a Game Changer bonus points column (normally given at the ‘OOOH FIRE!!’ moments) and a Creepy column (minus points!). I AM EXCITED.


  1. I love the Eurovision, excited for tomorrow night!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. The Eurovision party sounds ace, my brother has had one last couple of years but never had chance to go yet. Have a good weekend xxx

  3. Your Eurovision party sounds awesome! :)

  4. Oh Christ. My housemates are having a Eurovision party which I can't escape and we have a similar scorecard thing. Dreading it! Hope you have fun though :)
    On a brighter note, I love your dress, it looks fab!


  5. Pretty!

  6. I love this dress!
    Much of my youth was spent trying to sneak in to 15 films at the Galleria cinema. It was the best feeling when you got in.
    I'm excited for Eurovision too! x

  7. Oh I wish I had a Eurovision party to go to!! I love that dress. I have a soft spout for tartan I always reminds me of last year of juniors when I had a tartan kilt and my friends and I all had tartan hot pants from a fashion show held at school! The 90s ruled!!! Also, how good was the craft?! It's the second time I've seen it mentioned on a blog this week and it's making me really want to see it again. As for the sun I LOVE it but like you I burn badly. Think I may have to dig out the suncream today. X

  8. Isn't it funny, I'd kill to get ID'd these days, but sadly it never happens. Loving the tartan x

  9. I love tartan and you look AWESOME. I am not a fan of the heat but it does make everyone happier which can only be a good thing!

    Maria xxx

  10. Gorgeous dress - I love anything tartan and definitely don't think it's just for winter!

    Hope you had an amazing Eurovision!

  11. I really like this dress - it looks HOT. But it also looks HOT. (lololol, see what I did there?)



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