Friday 4 May 2012

I'm your little scarlet starlet, singing in the garden.

So, I made a pact with myself that I was going to Save Money in May and not buy any clothes, and then I wandered into New Look one lunchtime and they had an epic sale - I nearly had a heart attack when I got to the concessions section and almost all the dresses were reduced to £10 each! I took a huge armful to the changing rooms but thankfully only bought 2 in the end (if I'd bought all the ones I picked up, I would have spent £100. Somehow spending £100 on 9 or 10 dresses seems much worse than buying two £50 dresses... maybe because there is no way I could fit 10 more dresses in my bulging wardrobe! THEY'RE TAKING OVER, even after I just ebayed a bunch!) so as breaking my shopping ban goes, well. It could have been worse.

There were a couple of Maybe dresses in my pile, but this was one that was an instant yes. I ADORE the print. ADORE. I love spots (had you noticed?) but the colours are what sells it. I love blue/grey/purple tones and when I put the outfit together with navy tights and a hat, it all matched perfectly. I am hugely reliant on black opaques and black cardis, so I always feel a sense of achievement when I step out wearing no black - mission achieved!

I wore this ensemble on Sunday for a day out in London - I'll tell you all about that next week! Sadly the hat didn't do much to protect my hair from the rain - it was HUGE by the time I got home, with a frankly spectacular dent in it. Nothing does hat-hair like a beret.

Dress - Paprika via New Look
Beret & Shoes - Primark
Tights - New Look
Necklace - Hatfield House

In other news, I am SO happy that the weekend is finally here and it's a 3 day one! The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy - I can always tell how manic my life is by the state of my room and right now I can't see the floor. And my sporadic blog posting is another indicator - I'm planning to spend Monday giving my blog some loving. Long overdue! Life's good though - and I've got a great weekend ahead of me, including ANOTHER wedding. Here's the thing, kids, when you get Old like I am (3 months til 30!), everyone starts worrying about not being married, so they GET married and then you just get to go to giant parties all the time. I think I am at least 43% champagne these days. I'm sure that I'll be posting about that one next week (I have a gorgeous dress to wear!) and hopefully it won't rain TOO much.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - what are you up to?

PS - I'm starting a new Twitter project on Sunday called Buffy Spam in which I'm rewatching the complete series of Buffy and livetweeting it. Join me at 5pm, why don't you? (I'm excited. I'm such a Buffy Superfan. I saw Avengers Assemble and embarrassed myself by telling my cool friends how proud I am of Joss Whedon. I AM SO PROUD.)



  1. Nice dress. It would look better on my bedroom floor.




  2. 43% champagne ain't such a bad place to be ;) Lookin' amaze as ever, I need to reintroduce 'the dress' into my wardrobe fo'sho. Such a lazy human/blogger/being at the moment. xx

  3. Great dress! I know exactly what you mean about your bedroom being a good indicator of how busy your life is! Mine has piles of clothes all over right now! I also feel a huge sense if achievement if I manage to wear an outfit with no black! Enjoy the wedding. X

  4. Ooh, that's gorgeous! Love the pattern + mix of colours :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  5. You look fantastic! I get the same feeling of achievement when I put together an outfit with no black :)

  6. The dress is gorgeous, you look lovely. Have a great time at your friends wedding! :) x

  7. You look gorgeous, I love polkadots too! I have just tidied up and IT FEELS SO GOOD.

    Maria xxx

  8. Such a beautiful dress! I love anything dotty!!! Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. The dress is lovely!

    Ha, I am a MASSIVE Buffy fan, and after watching Avengers I said basically the same thing - had a massive ramble about how far he's come and how happy I am for him. Ha ha ha. Definitely going to follow your new twitter. xx

    1. Haha, I love the Buffy superfans coming out! I think Joss was the perfect choice for Avengers - he's so good at character driven work and ensuring that the story isn't lost. And the humour seemed so him. Although when the death happened, I just rolled my eyes. I'm sick of him killing the people I love! Give everyone a break, Whedon!

  10. Ahhhhhhh I love Buffy. What was your thoughts on Angel? I enjoyed it till they killed off Doyle, he was my favourite.

    For some reason these pics aren't loading on my comp, so will have to come back tomorrow to check out the dresses you bought :) xx

    1. You only enjoyed the first 9 episodes of Angel? I was sad about Doyle but I enjoyed it, it got terrrrrible though. But there were some amazing moments towards the end like Puppet Angel!

      I think my webhoster had some issues (I checked on my phone when I got your email) but it all seems fine now!

  11. Love this dress! I rely heavily on black tights and cardis too, but this outfit looks fab!

  12. Love the dress! Such a lovely print!

    I went to see Avengers last night with a group of Whedon fans, so we just told each other how proud we were of him!


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