Monday 20 August 2012

A pocketful of sunshine.

My best friend was away this weekend, and I found myself with nothing to do. This isn't because I spend every waking hour with my best friend, but it just kind of worked out that way. And then EVERYONE else was busy, and instead of being like 'Yay! It's my first free weekend since February!' (it IS) I was like 'NO! The sun is going to be out! I NEED PLANS!'

And then, gradually, plans were shaped. Saturday was spent, er, drinking. Drinking on the train, alone (the key is to bring rum from home and add it to your milkshake). Drinking in a bar, with Anne and Harriet (and eating chips!). Drinking in the park, with Harriet. And finally, drinking in a beer garden, with my housemate Natalie. SO MUCH FUN. Oh and I made a bow out of my hair!

1. Bow in hair (so easy!) | 2. Spiked Milkshake | 3. The basics | 4. Crazy Deckchair Action

And then, when I was dozing off after all that booze on Saturday night, Lucy tweeted me asking about local car boots, and a plan was formulated to visit my favourite car boot. Lots was found! Which is great - it's awful when you big something up to someone and then it's disappointing. But this was not the case! And I got some great buys, too.

Instamatic camera, £1 (can't wait to play with it!) and beautiful barometer, £4 (which I debated about, because I had car-boot-tunnel-vision by this point, and anything over 50p seemed steep). And forest photos, £1 (actually from Ikea originally, but I loved the eeriness of these foggy shots).

And my ultimate favourite... you know when you see something and you can't just ignore it even though it is not a logical or rational purchase? Yep.

It's a Madeline doll! With OUTFITS! And it was a POUND. I know, I know, I am THIRTY and buying dolls is a bit insane but she's just so cute and redheaded and I just wanted her.

The rest of the day was spent having a lovely gossip with Lucy, and then sitting quietly nursing my sunburn, enjoying some yummy blueberry YooMoo frozen yogurt and reading Wish Magazine (more on that later). Oh, and finally drawing the winners of my Giveaway Week. It was a good Sunday. :)


  1. Oh my goodness, the doll and her little wardrobe house are *so* cute. And I'm in my thirties.

  2. Rum in a milkshake is genius. I am so jealous of the barometer. I never have car boot luck :-(

  3. Love it all. The doll is wicked. I am thirty seven and I love dolls, but as I have a daughter I pretend I am buying them for her. Everyone's a winner. Love her wardrobe of outfits. One pound! Woo hoo!
    Spiked milkshake. I'm liking that idea. xxx

  4. Words can't even say how jealous of the Madeline doll I am! I always find crap at car boots :(

  5. The Madeline doll is quite possibly THE most precious thing ever and I think if I saw it for a pound I would have bought it (and I am 40!!!) I do have two children though, one eight and the other eighteen and I know that the eighteen year old would have been the one to want to share it with me.


  6. Very beautiful doll!!!! Very intresting post!!!

  7. Oh man I LOVE the barometer, how brilliant! The hair bow is also super cute too, good stuff.

  8. Oh I Have that Madeleine doll and her wardrobe, my sister and I used to LOVE them when we were little. In fact, I better still have that knocking around my paretns' house.

  9. Ohmygod, I used to love Madeline! I'm the same at car boots, end up fascinated by the most random things that, at the time, my brain tells me I MUST have, then before you know it you're the proud owner of a Welsh domino championship plaque...

  10. I love your Madeline, im so jealous :D


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