Friday 17 August 2012

You're a classic, like a little black dress.

Oooh, but I love an LBD. I have several, and my favourite thing about them is how I can wear them every day in totally different ways. So when Matalan asked me to guest blog for them about how to wear one dress, three ways, I was down my local store snapping up this little number faster than you can say 'don't you have enough dresses by now, Sarah?'


So, I had a spree c/o Matalan and then swung by my parents' house, kindly answering their 'So nice to see you since you moved out! Are you here for dinner?' with 'No, no, just here to borrow your photogenic garden, ignore me!' You've missed the garden, though, right? It's SUCH a nice garden.

Anyway. It's pretty easy to glam up a dress like this - just add heels. But why just add heels when you can add a bag and a belt and a faux collar, too? They are really nice heels though - I can't wait to wear them out for realsies with the matching clutch. Oooh, I love matching.

Dress (£20) | Bag (£8) | Shoes (£16) | Belt (£5)
Collar (£8) not available online

Now, picture the scene. You stay out too late, you miss your train and crash on someone's floor and you get home with about 2 minutes before you have to meet your friend for lunch. In this scenario, your friend would not be understanding (dude, get better friends) and so you don't have time to change properly. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

This! Chuck on a cardi and some trainers and you are good to go, my friend. Totally daytime appropriate, and no one needs to know you're technically in 'walk of shame' mode.

Bag (£14) | Cardigan (£14) | Umbrella  (£5)
Necklace (£2) & Flower (£5) not available online
Shoes  - Converse low top trainers (available on Spartoo)

I know, I know, you're thinking 'Cute scenario, but my friends are lateys too! What if I had to go to WORK?' to which I'd say, 'You stayed out all night on a SCHOOL night? You devil! Also you are kind of my hero!' and THEN I'd tell you to chuck on those emergency black heels you keep under your desk, and dive into Matalan on the way to pick up a blouse and a pair of black tights and voila!

Blazer (£18)
Blouse (£12) & Necklace (£15) not available online

The blouse even works TWO ways (underneath, or tucked into a belt to create a fake skirt effect), so you could even stay out TWO nights in a row if you wanted and no one would know except by then you'd probably be smelling a bit ripe and have bags under your eyes as black as my soul.

PS - I've had the BUSIEST week and all my planned blogs have gone out the window. I'll be announcing the winners of my birthday giveaways over the weekend, I PROMISE! Sorry they're later than promised.

Items provided c/o Matalan.


  1. this post is so inspiring. i want to look like you, dress like you. i want everything in that post. x#liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. Love this post, you look beautiful in every piccy :) x

  3. Great looks, the second is my favourite xxx

  4. You look lovely! I don't have a LBD. SHOCK HORROR. I will check out Matalan for some inspiration!

    P.S Day time look is my favourite - fun, girly and colourful!

  5. I have the long necklace! :-) Matalan is ace!

  6. I love the way you've styled these! The first one is my fave :)



  7. Ooh, I love it with the pink cardi! I adore the colour & the neckline of it.

  8. You is such a scrummy looking laydee Sarah!
    Ahh, I do adore a LBD too, they are so versatile. I love that spotty blazer, it is gorgeous and the blouse over dress is so clever, it looks like a whole new dress! xxx

    Fliss @ The Offbeat Girl

  9. What a pretty dress - I love how much you were able to change it up. Really love those shoes too!

  10. I love the collar with the dress and the blouse in the final look- lovely!

    Maria xxx

  11. That challenge looked fun. matalan are good at stuff like that, it has to be said. And I super enjoy the shoes! x


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