Friday 10 August 2012

You'll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.

This might be the perfect dress. It’s beautifully fitted – waist hugging, boob complementing, flattering length – and a stunning colour. It also doesn’t need ironing (SCORE). I’m a little bit in love. Originally, I was like ‘I can wear it to work! I can wear it out! OH THE POSSIBILITIES!’ and then I wore it to lunch and realised that it is a TAD low cut for work (curse you, The Girls) but that’s okay. It’s still super pretty. So I dub it Birthday Dress the Third.

You seee... Birthday Dress the First was my pre-birthday dress, the dress I featured on my blog closest to my actual birthday. Birthday Dress the Second, was worn at my party (and, after midnight, on my actual birthday). And now, Birthday Dress the Third, worn at the last of my birthday celebrations – the fabled family lunch. It stood up pretty well to running around Windsor and cuddling nieces and nephews. The next Friday Frock will be officially post-birthday, though. It’s over now. I have to let it go. Well. I’m SUPPOSED to. I’m leaving my cards up for a bit longer, obvs.

I’ve been really, really trying not to spend money on clothes lately – I am not exaggerating when I say that my party bankrupted me! (Well, I'm exaggerating a BIT, I am not literally bankrupt.) Luckily, though, I am going through one of those rare phases of being a lucky little blogger, and have been sent a few review bits and bobs lately, including a New Look gift card. Is  New Look  my favourite shop? I think it might be. I’m sure if I added up where all my dresses were from, a vast proportion are from  New Look . It’s just one of those shops that seems to GET my style – the clothes fit well, they’re always reasonably priced and they sell a LOT of dresses. It’s a very Sarah shop, basically. So when  New Look  asked if I could find a dress to review, I was like ‘Oooh, I’ll struggle. But I’ll DO MY BEST.’ It actually wasn’t even hard to choose – saw the dress, loved the dress, bought the dress. It’s such a damn nice dress.

The shoes are, incidentally,  New Look  too, although they’re a few months old. They go perfectly, which I love – you know how I feel about being matchy-matchy. And my hair is doing okay things! Everything is coming up Milhouse.

Dress - New Look
Necklace - Accessorize

The final accessory is a birthday present from Sha, because we, like every other NORMAL person, cannot see a rabbit in the wild without squealing ‘BUNNYYYYY!!!’ I mean. That’s just what people DO.


  1. Ha! At least now I know why you didn't look at me like I was crazy when I shouted BUNNIES! at the venue! I mean, it's basically the law to shout it.

    Also I lurve this dress and now I have to go to New Look.

  2. That is one gorgeous dress!

  3. This dress is gorgeous, the colour looks amazing with your hair. x

  4. You look amazing in this! So gorgeous :)



  5. You look like a million bucks in this dress and those shoes, omsquee, I could not wear them if I tried but they are beautiful! A New Look gift card is definitely not a hard thing to have.


  6. Gorgeous colour on you : )

  7. POCKETS!!! *goes to new look does not pass go*

  8. That dress is stunning! You look so beautiful, and your shoes! They are just amazing!

  9. So tempted by that dress! It would be a perfect work dress because of the pockets.

  10. Wow those shoes are calling my name!

  11. Ace dress, and I'm totally with you on the bunny thing! xoxo

  12. Lovely dress. It looks such a flattering cut x

  13. I LOVE this dress, such a lovely colour! I have one similar which is from Tesco which I love mainly because it has pockets (!)

    Maria xxx

  14. Pockets make all dresses and skirts instantly way more awesome.
    You could wear that to work! What about wearing a cardigan or a little jumper or something over it? Autumny, still cute, but less boob for the office.


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