Wednesday 23 October 2013

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day...

Here is an incredibly badly kept secret - I bloody love Christmas. And although it's not even Halloween yet, I am already way over that ghostly night of wonder, and fully on the Christmas train. I've bought candles that smell like apples and am scoping out dresses with sequins on and, er, yeah, I've totally bought a couple of presents already. What? They were right THERE! It would have been silly not to!

I'm kind of the worst. Last year I was that person who had finished all their shopping before November was out. I don't really know what happened to turn me into this unbearable Christmas control freak. Well, maybe generally being a control freak and loving Christmas happened. Yeah, that sounds right.

Here are some ways in which you can become a lame Christmas control freak like me!

1. Spend literally hours on Pinterest. You should have boards for Christmas decorating, Christmas baking, Christmas crafts and also secret gift lists.

2. Make a spreadsheet! SPREADSHEETS ARE COOL. Also, if you keep it up you can just make a new tab every year, and then you can go back and cross-reference with what you bought your Mum in 2009. So interesting!

3. Listen to everything your friends and families say REALLY INTENTLY so then in December you can be all like 'HEY LOOK I GOT YOU THIS HANDBAG YOU SAID YOU LIKED BACK IN FEBRUARY HOW CLEVER AM I???' and your friends will be all like 'Dude, stop shouting. But thank you!' These are nice handbags aren't they? Not a hint. Okay, a little hint. Mulberryyyy.

3a. The problem with being a 3 kind of person is that you feel like you lose the ability to make subtle hints.

These Charlotte Olympia flats are also amazing. HINT.

4. Refuse to make do with shop bought Christmas cards and make your own! And then be all like 'Oh, this old thing? Yeah, took five minutes.' Maybe this year I will have fun with stamping! MAYBE I WILL.

5. Be that person in your office who announces when the seasonal food and drink comes out and then report back every time you try a Black Forest Hot Chocolate or a festive bake or a Christmas Panini. You should also be that person who starts hashtags like #christmaspaniniday. PEOPLE LOVE THAT PERSON.

6. Set yourself a stupidly complicated Christmas project, spend hours on it and then do nothing with it. Like make a gingerbread house! Depressing newsflash - those things are really hard to eat. Royal icing is like cement. Hansel and Gretel lied to us.

7. Tell people the same Christmas tips every year such as 'Buy plain giftwrap so you can use it all year long!' and 'Make sure you try every item of seasonal food and drink at least once!'

8. Get really annoyed because you want this list to be divisible by 5 but you can't think of any more points. DAMNIT.

What the hell am I talking about? I'm not the worst. I'm the BEST.



  1. I'm so glad I'm not on Pinterest, I think I would end up with a million pictures of things I would never find time for. I#m such a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas as well, I won't even allow talk about it until December in my house.
    That said, the one thing I LOVE is present-buying, so I've been buying things to put away as presents for ages now. I just need to make a list so that I remember I've already bought someone a present, otherwise they may end up with about a million, and people who are hard to buy for end up with none. It happens every year. I never learn.

  2. Did you start with the ability to make subtle hints? Love that you're so into Christmas, I just can't quite get into it in the same way. That said, very seriously considering a little pre-Christmas party type thing at the new place, and SO excited to be going to Leipzig in Dezember. Also, with Xmas card, do you ever do commissions of your art work that could be printed for cards? I used to make my own, but fancy something different this year.

  3. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I am so excited already. I bought my ribbon and tags last week and have already got a few presents in lists and bookmarks. Those shoes are AMAZING!

  4. Well you've certainly made me feel better that I'm not the only one who is peeks early (by others standards!!) for Christmas time. I've already started buying presents... I have a week off end of November so I can get cards and presents ticked off the list which means December can be spent drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies!


  5. You just blew my mind with the cross-referencing presents spreadsheets. I shall start mine right away!

  6. I share your enthusiasm for Christmas. It's my absolute favourite time of year. I planned when i was going to the Christmas markets last month and i have about 4 trips scheduled in so far xxx

  7. Those shoes are ridiculously amazing!

    Your spreadsheet idea totally blows my lists out of the water- I shall start one pronto and see if I can remember what I got everyone last year!

    Florrie x


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