Sunday 13 October 2013

Don't look now.

So do you remember a few weeks ago when I was all like ‘I FOUND A COAT THAT I LOVE AND I NEED THIS COAT AND I WILL BUY THE COAT AND BE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE SCARY WOMAN FROM DON’T LOOK NOW’ I’m sure you do. It was pretty much all written like that. Kind of obnoxious.

WELL. I have not bought that coat – although I do still intend to – but I have bought another coat that actually fits all the requirements of the aforementioned post WAY better. For a start, it HAS a hood. For another start, it is pretty much exactly the same as the coat the scary woman from Don’t Look Now wears. Also, I had an ASOS voucher and then found a 15% off discount code, so it ended up being super cheap! HOORAY!

Have you seen Don’t Look Now, by the way? It’s terrifying. Terrifying. Mostly it’s just a really depressing film about a bereaved family but then it gets horrifying. I am tempted to spoil the end just so you don’t ever watch it. It’s not very nice.

This is me, bounding around a field like a buffoon.

Anyway. This is my coat! I ran around a field near my house and made my mum take photos of me. Last year I also took my new coat photos by running around a field. It’s obviously my thing. THAT coat, by the way, doesn’t fit me any more, so is up on ebay RIGHT THE HELL NOW. Go and buy it! It’s really nice. I wish it DID still fit me. Super warm, too.

This coat though, is very nice. It’s not the warmest ever, so it’s good for right now – I think I’ll need to go a bit warmer when the winter gets going though. But I love the hood, and the cut. I’ve always wanted a duffel, but they’re often a bit boxy shaped, and they do nothing for me. This has my favourite, a defined waist and a full skirt. Perrrrfect. I will probably end up buying the Miss Selfridge coat though. Basically what’s going to happen is that I ranted for years about not being able to find the perfect red coat and then I’ll end up finding like fifty. AND I’LL HAVE TO BUY THEM ALL.

The day I took these, I was also trying to break in my first ever pair of chunky black Doc Martens. Turns out they totally hurt your feet at first! Who knew?

Coat - ASOS
Boots c/o Spartoo


  1. LOL I love Don't Look Now x it's pretty miserable for most of it tho x it took my 3 watches before I could watch the end lol love the coat x

  2. Ah god this reminds me I need a new winter coat. So poor! What a beauty this is!

  3. Are you wearing this coat to NY? Also, shush, Don't Look Now is a great film and everyone should see it.

  4. I LOVE these coats. I like to pretend I'm little red riding hood, but with a beat up old Atticus bag and broken old Docs instead of cute shoes and a twee basket.

    TIP for breaking them in by the way! Stuff loads of balled-up socks in them and leave them near a radiator overnight :)

  5. I LOVE this coat on you, it is so so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  6. If you buy fifty, you can stockpile them for years when there are no red coats. Or give them to me.


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