Thursday 17 October 2013

You'd better work.

Check me out in all my exercise gear! In truth, I look like a Nike superfan. I’m honestly not, it’s just a massive coincidence that I had some credit on Spartoo and I liked the Nike exercise range best. I also figured I should replace my hairdye stained gym tshirts. I'm a classy bird, me.

Actually though, although I wear this ensemble to sweat and generally look hideous, I really like it. Trackie bottoms are always too long for my little legs and I spend half my workout pulling them up on the waist – even the ones that aren’t too big slip down. I don’t understand why. Leggings though, are perfect, because they stay put. Although these are proper exercisey leggings, I do have the fear that they’re seethrough. They don’t look it though, right? RIGHT? I’m going to buy more, anyway, because leggings for exercise are my new discovery that I love. And this tshirt is weirdly flattering. I get transfixed by how my tummy actually looks really flat in it. My tummy totally isn’t flat! It’s magic! It's a magic tshirt!

This sort of horrifies me though, because as a long time skirts and dresses devotee, I’m starting to wonder if I might be tempting myself to join the long t-shirts and leggings club. There’s nothing wrong with that club, of course, but it was not a club I ever expected to be in. Also, I’ve always been very firm about the fact that leggings are not trousers – just FYI, ladies. We can all totally see your pants. But I went and got this pyjama set from Primark, and was kind of blown away by how weirdly flattering it is, and so yeah. Maybe this is a thing. Where can I get leggings that are not see through, internet? Tell me! Oh god. Oh god. Are you going to say disco pants? I have always been certain that disco pants were not for me. And now I am thinking about them! I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM ANY MORE.

I’ve lost some weight recently, and originally this was going to be a bit of a long post about that. But I started writing it, and it was really dull. There’s a whole ‘nother blog for that, go there. I also did a post about it just last week! The short version: it was Weight Watchers, I really rate it, I still get to eat cheese. But actually, I lost the bulk of the weight with NO exercise. I gradually increased my walking, but I did next to nothing for maybe the first three months or so. I hit a plateau over the summer though, so I started going to zumba classes again. I love zumba. I have no grace at all, but it really doesn’t matter. And this is – pretty much – what I wear to do it in.

Okay, the shoes are not, but this is part of the ‘new me’ who apparently might be thinking about cheating on dresses with t-shirts, as I am kind of digging the whole wedge trainer thing. My little legs don’t actually look that little! I would not, obviously, wear these to exercise in, but for generally strutting about in whilst being comfortable AND tall (er) – it works. In truth, my exercisey footwear is a really REALLY ugly but comfy pair of New Balance trainers that are grey with pink and lime green bits. They’re hideous. But oh so comfortable. And ultimately, comfy wins. Comfy ALWAYS wins. (That said, I'm not ready to give up on a classic pair of heels just yet - I'm too much of a girlie girl at heart!)

Tshirt & Leggings c/o Spartoo


  1. Oh gosh, I have workout outfit envy, I always look like a total mess in my workout gear, but then I don't often buy anything specific for the gym- usually band tshirts are relegated to the PJS and/or gym clothes pile.

  2. I wish I was still slim enough to be wearing leggings and a t-shirt. I found some pictures recently of me wearing leggings and a vest top with a shirt, but that particular outfit would not be so great these days, thanks thighs, thanks a bunch. I'm a 100% on the leggings and loose shirt for exercise though- this is pretty much what I wear for cycling to work. Especially now it's chillier, the days of cut offs to cycle in are done I feel. For this year at least.

    P.S. I want to hate you for looking so hot in wedge trainers because they look awful on me, but they look so good on you that I can't.

  3. Love this workout gear - especially the leggings, I think I need them! I'm in total agreement that leggings should not be classed as trousers, however some leggings I have for the gym aren't see through at all so sometimes I don't mind wearing them with a normal tee! Mine are from tk maxx if you're after some :) xx

  4. This does look like a very comfy workout getup as well as being pretty chic, can't go wrong with black, hide the sweat! You're looking great too, I wish I was as motivated to exercise.

    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  5. Wow you look fab! The leggings shouldn't be see through if they are meant for working out. I used to go to the gym in some primary leggings with long t-shirts but i realised one day that the t-shirts weren't quite long enough for bending over oops good job my gym was usual empty xxx


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