Thursday 10 October 2013

A pretty picture but the scenery is so loud

I couldn't not do a proper post about Avignon. Although we were only there for three and a bit days, it really did feel like a proper holiday. And although we had plenty of activities scheduled, we also had LOTS of relaxing time - spending Sunday morning lounging by the pool gossiping was a major highlight. Especially knowing that it was raining in the UK. Sorry, UK.

When we started planning Sha's hen, France was always the plan. After we both have spent most of the year dieting hard for her wedding, a break dedicated to the joys of wine and cheese was a no-brainer. And boy, did France deliver. Not only is the wine cheaper than water (REALLY) but, er, there was a lot of cheese.

Like, a LOT.

I can't recommend Avignon as a holiday destination enough. Flights were crazy reasonable (I know Ryanair are kind of evil, but who could say no to a £50 return?), and there are tons of stunning holiday cottages around there. This was our place - it worked out about £30 each a night. You're checking the availability now, aren't you? Me too. I'm desperate to go back. It was so, so pretty, the food was awesome, the booze was awesome, and the company was first rate. Plus, it was walkable from the town centre, so no cars (or designated drivers!) required. I did regret wearing my rubbish Primark flats though for all our wandering - SO not supportive. Next time I go away, I'm going to get some sensible Birkenstocks instead.

That picture below is of a lovely riverside restaurant we went to on the last night. I tried foie gras for the first time - I think I liked it, but pate kind of freaks me out, so am not sure it's a major taste I'll be developing. Which is good, as it's super cruel to geese. And now I'm thinking about that and feeling totally gross about eating it. I'm starting to become less adventurous, I think. Like, I always said I'd consider trying escargots, but now the idea makes me want to be sick. That might be because I've developed a massive slug phobia. THEY'RE SO GROSS WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO EAT THEM. Wow, that was a tangent. My prosciutto pizza was nice, anyway. And there was wine. There was a lot of wine in France. IT'S CHEAPER THAN WATER YOU KNOW.

So yeah. South of France roadtrip next year? I think it's gotta be done.



  1. Yum Yum Yum cheese!
    I am also playing bingo ;)

  2. Looks great - and I hadn't thought of Ryanair for our intended French trip over half term.

    Very excited for hen do #2!

  3. Ahhh I love Avignon and the surrounding area so much, would go back in a heartbeat! We stayed just outside Gordes which is a stunning village, would require a car though to go back and forth but it was simply heavenly and so quiet which made for a super chilled holiday! Your photos are making me all nostalgic now xx

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  5. So glad you had a lovely time. All the cheese and ALL THE WINE (we should really meet up soon). I'm trying really hard to get over my mega dislike of France at the moment. I hated living in Toulouse, and hated France. I found everything mega expensive, people weren't friendly, and getting stuff done was hellish, but having seen Carcassonne on TV recently, one of the few places I did love, and lots of media about France and French things, I'm thinking a re-visit may be in order.

  6. This looks so pretty. I have only ever been to Paris but would really love to visit other parts of France although I cannot speak a word of french, really should try!

  7. So much cheese, cheese is good. MMMMMM cheese x

  8. Beautiful photos. I went to Avignon about 5 years ago and loved it. X


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