Monday 17 February 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful #3

Cheer up, love! Here are this week's Reasons to be Cheerful:

1. Tom Hiddleston. I mean. Really. Look at that face. LOOK AT IT.

2. This Crown bobby pin. You can be a tiny bit royal ALL THE TIME!

3. Free pandas.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street. It's adorable!
Tom Hiddleston on Sesame Street is even better, though.

5. Um... Six layer chocolate cake with toasted marshmallow filling and malted chocolate frosting. Okay then.

6. This super pretty Topshop dress. Sure, it's not particularly revolutionary, but sometimes all you need is a lovely floral frock, right?

7. This video never fails to crack me up. It's okay to be cheerful about it because no one REALLY got punched.


  1. Oooh I ADORE the mini crown! I've just had a look at the etsy page and it's full of beautiful things... *backs away slowly*

  2. Tom Hiddleston is definitely a reason to be cheerful. Especially when he dances.

  3. Drooling at toasted marshmallow filling. Tom Hiddleston is certainly helping the drool fest too.

  4. Sorry I didn't get past reason number 1............what were the others? ;)


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