Sunday 18 May 2014

Byron Burger Club

You know those people who eat their burgers with a knife and fork? I am not one of those people. I am a both hands, jaw unhinged, ketchup dripping down my chin person, and I'm not about to change now. Well. Until I went to the latest meeting of the Byron Burger Club and tried the Juicy Lucy.

The Byron Burger Club isn't a blogger perk (although I'll never turn down a free burger, FYI), it's something that anyone can go to. You can join here and you'll get regular emails about their new products and special events. Sometimes you can even get free food! Those book up pretty fast though, FYI. The Juicy Lucy event cost £20 and included a burger, bacon cheese fries, a beer and a banana cream pie which isn't a bad deal, so we bought our tickets and headed along.

The Juicy Lucy is a recreation of a burger launched in Minneapolis in the 50s by two rival restaurants that claim to have invented the same burger, with a hot cheese injection right in the middle of the burger patty. One used the strapline "Fear the Cheese", and one used "Free the Cheese" - I'll let you know in a minute which one I'd go with!

I was super impressed with the evening. It was really well organised - because everyone had booked in advance, they were able to assign tables and also cater for your original requirements. I'd requested an alternative to the banana cream pie, and as soon as I mentioned it I was told they knew all about me, and I got a lovely chunk of cheesecake instead. And because everyone was ordering the same thing, the service was very quick too.

We didn't exactly allow time to photograph our desserts...

But you want to know about the food, right? Well. When they say juicy, they sure as heck mean it. Matt and I each took a huge bite of our burgers and found out what freeing the cheese meant. The cheese in Matt's burger spilled everywhere, all over his plate... and then he looked up and saw where mine had gone. Have you ever bitten into the jammiest part of a donut and got the jam everywhere? It was a little like that... except more so. When I bit into my burger, the cheese squirted out and up - all over my hands, my face - even in my hair. It was simultaneously mortifying and hilarious, but very much put me in the "Fear the Cheese" camp. That stuff is lethal.

Actually though, putting the cheese in the patty made the burger crazy moist and super tasty. I would have liked some cheese on top too, but that might just be because half of the cheese ended up uneaten in my hair. Byron supplied bibs, and I thought this was hilarious and silly but I was so glad I wore mine, as I would have ended up with cheese all over my clothes too. Sadly the Juicy Lucy is only available for the nights the burger club was running, but they've added an extra night so go if you can! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more special burger editions at Byron in the future, although this time, I'll go in with my knife and fork first, like some kind of sensible, reserved, burger eating weirdo.

A completely necessary bib!


  1. I'm joining this club ASAP! Especially if I get a bib!

  2. I am seriously hungry reading this post! I really wish I wasn't so far 'up north' as this place is now on my wishlist!!


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