Sunday 25 May 2014

Exotic yogurt toppings with Alpro

I've spotted a few bloggers doing the #AlproTops challenge on Instagram recently with Alpro Yogurt. It looked fun - an excuse to eat a bunch of yogurt and experiment with different toppings, so when they emailed me to ask if I wanted to join in, I said heck yeah and did just that.

Alpro sent me a selection of their yogurts and a variety of different toppings, and set me the simple challenge to try a different combination every day for five days. I've always assumed that yogurt wouldn't really fill me up for breakfast - I'm more likely to have porridge or cereal - but this taught me otherwise. Every day that I had Alpro, I was absolutely fine until lunchtime, and trying out the different toppings meant I never got bored.

Day 1 - Vanilla yogurt with pecans, dried cranberries and dried mango
I think this was my favourite combination. The vanilla yogurt went so well with the pecans, and I loved the little pockets of intense sweetness that came from the dried fruit.

Day 2 - Vanilla yogurt with dried cranberries, dried mango, dried mulberries and flax seeds
This was a really tasty combination. Adding the flax seeds didn't change the flavour much, but it did add lots of health benefits. Hooray for health benefits!

Day 3 - Plain yogurt with coconut, chocolate and a smidge of dried mint
This was my attempt at a Bounty style yogurt, with a bit of a twist. I only added a tiny bit of mint, but it was enough to add a really interesting extra flavour to the dish. Plus, bonus chocolate!

Day 4 - Strawberry & rhubarb yogurt with fresh nectarines, coconut and chocolate
I must confess that I got over excited with this combination. But the funny thing is that the part I thought would really, really go - the nectarines and the fruity yogurt - kind of didn't. The nectarines were quite tart, and contrasted a little weirdly with the sweet yogurt. The chocolate and the coconut was nice, but kind of unecessary in the end, too. I actually think in hindsight this would have been great with granola or muesli, and maybe some fresh strawbs.

Day 5 - Lemon & lime yogurt with coconut, pistachios, dried mint and goji berries
I was trying to go for a bit of a cocktail vibe here, and it was actually really tasty. The lemon & lime yogurt is really nice by itself anyway, but it went really well with the pistachios. I was trying to be pretty creative by this point, but if I had it again, I think I'd probably just add the nuts and stop there. The goji berries were really good though, and again, tons of health benefits!

Although my week doing the challenge has now ended, there's still Alpro left in the fridge at work, so come Tuesday I'll be happily polishing that off and the rest of the toppings that Alpro sent me.

What do you have for breakfast?


  1. I've been very envious of your instagrammed breakfasts all week! x

  2. i loveee Alpro! this all looks so so good!

  3. YUM! Love a bit of Alpro and your different varieties look delish.


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