Friday 16 May 2014

Debenhams Bra Fit Event

I recently went to the Debenhams Bra Fit event in their Oxford Street store. The purpose was to draw attention to how many women are wearing the wrong size bra, and to encourage them to get fitted. They were also promoting the Debenhams DD range, which I'm definitely the target market for. My biggest issue with being a larger busted lady is finding pretty underwear - once you get above a DD, it all seems to get a lot less uglier. I mean, I know we need a bit more help fighting gravity but still.

I was measured and found that I was wearing the wrong size which didn't surprise me! I've gained weight since I was last measured unfortunately (the massively foodie theme my blog has taken lately probably means that's not surprising) but I actually found out that I should be wearing a smaller back size. I've gone from a 36E to a 34FF which is quite a change - although as Harriet mentioned, it makes finding my size a bit harder! Debenhams kindly gave me some money to spend though and I managed to find a few pretty sets to keep me going.

It's so worth getting measured - wearing the right bra makes a huge difference to your posture and your silhouette too! I'm definitely sitting much, er, higher. At the moment there's up to 40% off Freya and other brands at Debenhams, so get down there, get measured and fill up your underwear drawers!

Thanks to Debenhams for the event invite and for the vouchers!



  1. I absolutely agree, and I know I'm usually wearing the wrong bra size. I've tried to go for a measure twice in Debenhams and their staff were dreadful. Unfortunately there aren't many places to go for bra fittings in my town these days, so I really ought to learn how to do it for myself.

  2. I love Leai in Cardiff, best bra shop ever with great fitters. Most people were bands that are too loose. Will be getting something with those discounts, Debenhams has a good choice for busty ladies


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