Thursday 8 May 2014

Tea party.

I’m not a particularly fussy person, but there are a couple of things that make me feel so. Seafood, for instance – I won’t touch the stuff (I mean, literally – the smell makes me gag, why would I want that all over my hands?). It’s just gross. Also tea – which generally surprises people. I mean, I love cake, I’m sure I seem like the kind of person who would be into pretty teacups and Earl Grey... but in truth, as much as I do like pretty teacups, I’ll take a cocktail in mine, thank you kindly.

PG Tips got in touch about their new fruit teas and asked me to throw a tea party to try them out. So I warned them that I don’t like tea, but hoped that they would persuade me. The thing with fruit tea that I find is that it always smells amazing, but when it comes to the taste it’s just like weak squash. Hot, weak squash. Nice.

I put the biscuits out, recruited my mum for a tasting session and we got to work sampling the teas that PG Tips sent. There are a mixture of fruit teas and flavoured green teas in the range. Trying the green teas taught me something – I definitely don’t like green tea. Sorry, PG Tips. As much as I could tell that all the different flavours of green tea had different hints of fruity flavours, the overriding flavour was of green tea which just tastes bitter to me. However, I took the leftovers into work and they’ve been pretty popular, so if you’re a green tea fan already, you’d probably like them. If you’re not a green tea fan though, these definitely won’t convert you.

The fruit teas were much more successful. They were far more strongly flavoured than I was used to, which was a vast improvement – no hot weak squash here! I did like them, but honestly, I’m just not a tea person and they’re not something I would drink regularly. My mum really enjoyed them and has kept a few boxes for herself though, and they’ve been really popular with my colleagues.

Thanks for pushing me to try new things though PG Tips – my tastebuds have changed a lot in the last few years so it’s always good to keep sampling things you didn’t think you liked in the past! And my colleagues are definitely enjoying all the free tea that’s suddenly appeared in the kitchen, too...



  1. I was never a green tea fan until I tried Clipper green tea which is lovely!

    Love the sound of these though and those cups are awesome!

    Maria xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos. I'm not a fan of 'normal' tea but I really like flavoured green teas & fruit teas,. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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