Monday 11 May 2009

Cake related linkage.

The links of This Week are all baking themed! Okay, yes, I know that it has been far more than a week since the last Links of the Week. Hush.

Anyway, baking! I am on a Diet, and while I am exploring the delights of salad leaves (sigh), people keep posting awesome recipes to the internets. Mean.

Almond macaroons
However, these may be something I can make sooner rather than later, because they contain no fat! Other than the fat in the almonds, of course, but nuts are good for you, sort of. Sugar isn't, but ssshhhh. No fat! No fat! 

Sugar Donut Muffins
In my head these will taste like the donuts you get in dodgy seafront cafes and those weird little market stalls. You know, where it's all done by machine, and the donuts get splatted out by a machine in dough form, then goes along the little conveyer belt towards the boiling fat, get dunked and then get chucked out onto sugar, which coats them. And then into my belly. And even though you know they are pure fat and contain nooo nutritional value at ALL, they taste amazing because they are all hot and fresh and lovely. You know.

These may not taste like that at 
all, but I still want to try.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars and Nutella and Peanut Butter Brownies
Chocolate. Peanut butter. It may have once been decreed that ne'er the twain shall meet, but then the Americas were all like, 'We sell jars of chocolate spread and peanut butter all mushed up together!' and we were all like, 'Well, you guys stole our language and so we're stealing your idea, bitches.' And we did, and twinned the two, forever more. Although I think it's still hard to find chocolate spread and peanut butter all mushed together, but that's what recipes are for.

Although I think both these recipes are by Americans. Sssshhh.

And now I am imagining thick fresh white bread with butter, chunky peanut butter and a thick layer of nutella over the top. Wow. Sadly, being on a diet means I have none of these things. Sob.

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