Thursday 14 May 2009

What I Wore Today: May 14th 2009

I love 'What I Wore Today' style blog posts, but my vanity and natural critical streak means that I rarely like pictures of myself enough to post them to the masses, outside of facebook and thehighstreet, anyway.

So, I decided to do a twist on those kinds of posts. This is what I wore today to go and meet my friend Sha in town. (Hi Sha! You're awesome.) I have not been working this last week (oh, how I hate job-hunting), and therefore have been living in my baggy, unflattering jeans or tracksuit bottoms. Basically, I've looked like a scruff. But the prospect of leaving the house got me all excited, so after a hard morning looking up nice outfits on blogs - um, I mean revising for my CIM - I decided to make kind of an effort.

Only kind of. I put on my old faithful skirt that I always feel nice in, and a red beret because my hair was a mess (hats are the BEST), and teamed it with a red pashmina-scarf because it was chilly. The red pumps were the obvious shoes to wear, and suddenly I was all coordinated!

Sha told me I looked very Parisian. Which wasn't deliberately what I was going for, but I will accept that compliment! I am actually, sort of French, anyway. Both my parents have French surnames and I look awesome in berets, so obviously I am entirely Francais. Oui.

Note: I have been slightly kind to myself in this picture. My legs are not that thin. Or long. And I'm pretty sure my hair was much messier than that. Everything else is exact, though, really.

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