Friday 15 May 2009

An entry about tidying - a new level of mundane.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been home all week, attempting to hunt for jobs and revise for an exam. I've also been doing some pretty heavy duty procrasatination.

The thing that I find with procrastinating is that I don't just watch TV all the time. I procrastinate by actually doing things. For instance, I've drawn more over the last two weeks than I have for ages. I've spent time redesigning my website (not up yet), working on creating an Etsy shop (watch this space) and embracing my normally very, very well hidden inner clean-freak.

I spent a large portion of yesterday sorting out my bookshelves. I am so sad I didn't take a 'before', because they were such a mess. Books piled on books, gaps in the shelves, lots of random crap like plastic bags stuffed in between the shelves, stuff like that. Awful. Functional, but awful. My bookshelves are at the very end of my bed, so I have to stare at that hideous display of messiness and disorganisation last and first thing, every single day. Sigh.

After I'd sorted it out vaguely neatly, I started sorting out my shoes, and ran out of space to display all my favourite ones neatly at the bottom of my wardrobe (and I do hate a jumble of shoes), and was struck with the fantastic idea to combine the two tidying activities. And this was the result:

Gorgeous yet impractical shoes:

Martini glasses* filled with pearls and filigree butterflies. Plus, my Christmas angel.

* My dad got me these at a car boot. Years ago, he broke a gorgeous martini glass that someone had given me as a present - it had this stained glass design. He promised to replace it, and although I keep seeing the same glass around Christmas time in Cargo (and Wilkos, surprisingly), I haven't got round to buying it again. Anyway, he proudly presented me with these a few months ago - they have a random internet company logo on one side. It was a case of, 'Um, thanks, dad, but these really don't replace the pretty glass...' But yay for finding a function for them!

Shoes I am scared to wear, lest I ruin them. So pretty, though. And mini doll shoes! God knows where the actual doll is. She was one of those dolls that you raised her arm, and her hair grew.

This is the disco dolly section, flanked by Harry Potter, which is not at all apt, really.

All three of the shoes displayed are shoes that I adore, but have never worn. Ideal for this purpose, though. Shoes as bookends? Stylish and GENIUS idea. I am amazing.


  1. You are genius! Because shoes can be works of art! So the next time I see a gorgeous pair of shoes that I will never wear, I will buy them for a similar purpose :)


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