Monday 18 May 2009

Picture post: raindrops.

It poured with rain a little while ago. Oh, rain. I hate you. I mean, you help the grass grow and all that stuff, and stop the sea from going dry (although if there was no sea there would be no sharks or fish and I hate both sharks and fish! Oh, but I like dolphins. And mermaids.) but you are annoying, you mess up my hair, and you perpetuate the stereotype of this fair land. (I hate tea, by the way. I spit at stereotypes!)

Anyway, what with the rain and my dodgy hip* stopping me doing much of anything, I sat in my comfy chair and took pictures of the window. And I decided that rain is annoying, but it can also be kind of pretty, too.

* Yes, I have a dodgy hip. Am starting to suspect I am 86, not 26.

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