Monday 13 September 2010

Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.

I'm a lucky girl and have been granted super special access to the new H&M website with super special shopping action. Which I got by signing up to the newsletter... so, not that super special after all.

But the website IS!

I freaking love the landing page. Faintly ominous.

It's great, though, that H&M have finally done this. A little late to the party, to be sure to be sure, but let's face it, we're all grateful that they stopped teasing us. H&M is one of those shops - like Zara, who've also just launched a new site - where you'll see fifty of one item in one store, then go down to the road to another and find no trace.

Being me, I went straight to the dresses. I want these ones please.

I also need these boots in my life. My H&M has them, but in sizes 3 and 9. Curse you, average-size-sixes!

But the most exciting thing about the new website - far more exciting than all the lovely, lovely clothes - is that there's a HOME SECTION.


I actually think I love buying home stuff more than clothes. I can spend a few minutes in the clothing part of TK Maxx but HOURS in the home (and kitchen!) part. LOVE. I don't know why more fashion stores don't launch home lines, it's a fantastic idea. Also, I just moved, so it's damn good timing.

Need this pillowcase (but where is the matching duvet?)

These are almost worth downgrading to a single bed for.

And how beautiful is this towel? (Not a sentence I often say. But why SHOULDN'T towels be beautiful?)

How much do I love these napkins? (Answer: I FLIPPING LOVE THESE NAPKINS.)

Even the bath mats are adorable!

See, this is the thing. There are certain ugly functional things that we just put up with because they've always been like that. Like doormats. And I've been in my house for two and a half months and still don't have a doormat because we can't find one that's actually NICE. This is me dropping hints to H&M that they should do doormats.*

*Laura Ashley actually DO have nice doormats, but they're expensive, and I resent spending money on doormats when I could be buying shoes.

H&M's website opens properly on Thursday 16th September. I get paid on Wednesday, so that's pretty much perfect timing.


  1. Ahhh, H&M online! Thats dangerous territory :P I never knew they did homewear stuff - how adorable! Need to let us know what you end up buying :) xx

  2. I need that dressing gown in my life. Stat.

  3. I love those bedsheets... but ultimately I love having a double bed more!


  4. one) wow i need those shoes. plus i'm a size 3, so i curse my luck at not being near that h&m. ._.

    and two) i've never before had the urge to buy napkins. but oh so pretty. i'm too suggestable.


  5. How on earth did I manage a full browse of the new website and miss the home section? Clearly I am a huge dunce.

  6. oh wow...I obviously died and went to heaven! I get paid on wednesday too so it obiously is fate the site launches the day after

  7. Haha grest post! I'm not a big fan of H&M (tho I do hate shoppping generally!) but I love shopping for home stuff - I will def be checking out the website for that! :)

  8. I missed those napkins when I was snooping about on here the other day! They're fab! Love the boots too. Feeling sorely tempted. x

  9. i have my eye on when those boots come in stock too!

  10. those boots are so cool! H&M and Zara online shopping is going to make a MASSIVE dent in my bank account!


  11. I need to get to their website fast!

  12. Nice picks! ALthough.. I've stayed away from the home section successfully until your post! x

  13. omg the home stuff is amazing. i'm moving so i'm diverting my funds from fashion to furniture. .but it's exciting!

  14. i was really looking forward to the h&m website but it kind of poorly designed and doesn't have a huge selection on it! there is a gorgeous red spotty dress with a big bow on it that i am v.v.v.tempted to get though


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