Saturday 11 September 2010

Sugar, we're going down.

Earlier this week, a very exciting email popped into my inbox from My Sugarland, inviting me to a fabulous blogger's event on Wednesday. My Sugarland is a gorgeous boutique in Islington, selling a carefully chosen mix of vintage and designer. It's a lovely store to go to for a peruse as it's so beautifully laid out and quirky. Kind of like a very, very cool crazy auntie's house.

Love this collage - I'm going to do the same in my room with all the photos from my recent post!

Vintage wedding dresses omg.

We were encouraged to try on the clothes and pose for photographs, plus a makeup artist and hairdresser were on hand to doll us up. I resisted trying on the gorgeous clothes, convinced that I'd rip them or get lipstick on the collars - especially after I got my makeup done! But I still did lots of ogling, especially of the accessories.

This was my first ever blogger's event and I've been hopping all week with excitement about it. Although I've wanted to visit My Sugarland for a while, 95% off my excitement was reserved for the other attendees. There are so many fabulous, gorgeous bloggers who I've been chatting away to on Twitter for the past few months and it was finally a chance to meet them. It's always a little scary meeting people who you've only talked to online - some can be so different in person! But I needn't have worried, because they were all LOVELY.

It was incredible to meet all the girlies I've been reading about and chatting to for months now, especially Ellie from Pretty Much Penniless, Amy from Wolfwhistle, Sarah W from Sarahs Scribbles and Carrie from WishWishWish (who just won a the Cosmo Blogger Award! Yay Carrie!).

I also got to meet some other bloggers who are now firmly established on my reading list, Sarah D from Silence Sweetheart, Christina from A Sense Sublime, Sarah D (2) from The Enchanted Hunters, Lucy from Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Katie from London Plinth and Fiona from Save Our Shoes.

Ellie, who I recognised at once at Angel from her amazing red hair.

Amy, looking fabulous in some MSL jewellery (and getting freaked out by us papping her).

The gorgeous Christina modelling a Jasper Garvida shift:

Sarah W in a TO DIE FOR pink dress.

I think this pink dress was why I didn't get to hang out with her as much as I wanted. It is very distracting. Look at that belt detail. Gah.

Sarah D striking a pose and fricking OWNING that top hat.

SO MANY HATS. I tried on almost every one in the shop. I'm dying of excitement that it's nearly hat season. Yayyy hats.

A few of us went for a drink afterwards, but we all got a bit separated and so I didn't get to spend as much chatting time with Sarah W (one of my total Twitter besties) and Carrie, but we're already plotting to meet up again in a couple of weeks (this time with my other Twitter bestie, Hayles, who we missed!). I so can't wait.


  1. It was so lovely to meet you my dear. Great post - your pictures are fantastic.
    Lots of love Christina xox

  2. Wow, that looks like so much fun. I love a shop that you can spend hours wandering around in.

  3. Jealous! I'd love to wander around there, fondling fabric and trying outlandish frocks on. How brilliant is the collage of sepia photos? I now know what I can do with the two boxes of inherited prints gathering dust in the shed. xxx

  4. This is one of those posts that makes me wail aloud with envy! What fun, I wish I could attend such mischief. And that collage is super ace! xx

  5. Ohh that shop looks so beautiful! The collage wall is divine :)

  6. No joke I was just listening to Sugar We're Going Down, I love that song. I just stumbled on your blog and am a new follower :)

  7. i got uber overly stimulated at that event/looked like a drowned rat.
    but i love your blog and wish i had chatted to you more.
    next time.
    fi from


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