Monday 27 September 2010

I'm avant-garde, I'm the heir, I'm the Vogue.

Somehow, last weekend, I found myself standing inside Somerset House clutching a handful of crumpled invitations. The lovely Mariana at Sketchbook Magazine had nabbed me on Twitter on Friday and asked if I fancied coming along and playing photographer for the day, and I jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos of myself (I really have to get better at doing 'What I Wore Today' shots - or remembering to take them at all) but after a heated (not very) debate on Twitter, I wore a spotty Topshop number which I'd customised with red buttons (the only customising I ever do is add red buttons to dresses), accessorised with black tights, bouncy ringlets and bright red shoes.

What follows are my observations... but before I launch into it and get carried away with flouncy descriptions (and I will) I need to make a quick disclaimer: I love fashion, but I don't consider myself a fashionista. I don't even own skinny jeans. I KNOW high street, but designer? Not so much.

So consider this an outsider's perspective...

The first show we saw was Clemency - you can read Mariana's write-up here. It was the most laid-back show we went to, with the models standing for a good 45 minutes, and then circulating and posing for photographs.

There were photographs on easels around the room of the collection - stills of a short film (more of a music video, really) which I believe was shot by Rankin.

I'm so used to being an observer in photography that it was a little odd having them pose when I pointed my camera at them.

Overall though, the collection was lovely - very wearable and effortless. Love this spiky belt. Also, I was impressed that my first experience of real life models WEREN'T scary skinny. Beautifully slim, sure, but they definitely looked like they ATE.

According to this article, Abbey Clancy, Michelle Williams and Jimmy Choo were at the show. I didn't spot any of them, but I did spot some lush dresses. Lady Gaga would wear the almighty hell out of all of these.

There were also some hot, galactic leotards that are slightly less wearable, but still kind of awesome.

Finally, a lovely collection of maxi-dresses. The prints on all the clothes really were stunning, so much colour. A combination of tribal, animal-style and galactic-style prints. Lush.

My expert opinion: Pretty! Sparkly! Oooh.

Visit the On|Off website and Falguni & Shane Peacock's website.

Part 2 of my LFW experience (featuring Nico Didonna and Fashion Mode) will be up later this week!


  1. Love your photographs as always. Don't know what you're talking about you not knowing designer, it's all fashion and I love your reviews. Look forward to the next one x

  2. Haha, Evie, my favourite moment was when a guy from Italian Gucci started talking to me and asked if I liked Gucci and I was like, 'Um, yeah...' in a *blatantlywearingprimark* type way!

  3. Wow, lovely photographs - looks like you had a great time x

  4. Sounds to me like the guy asking about Gucci probably didn't know what he was talking about either! Seen the logo on his Mums handbag :-p


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