Tuesday 2 November 2010

She's so sweet with her get back stare.

I received the most exciting package in the post last week:

Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen it on lots of other blogs, but for me it’s especially thrilling – it was my official invitation into the Aussie Angels!!

A little background on the Aussie Angels – there are five ‘tribes’ - Luscious Long, Miracle Moist, Colour Mate, Aussome Volume and Frizz Miracle – and beauty/fashion bloggers are divided up according to their hair type. With my long, frizzy, dry, coloured hair I could probably slot into any of the Tribes (although Aussome Volume is certainly something my hair needs no help with!) but as frizziness is my biggest hair gripe, the obvious choice was Frizz Miracle.

This box of goodies was an introduction to their new Take The Heat range. As well as the products, I got a super soft fake fur muff, some slippers, a heat pack and some hot chocolate. And it got delivered to my office, so I could make everyone jealous, hee.

I’ve been reading about the Aussie Blogger Events for a while now with increasing levels of jealousy, so to be asked to come aboard is a huge honour and one I’m absolutely overjoyed with. I can't wait to meet even more fellow bloggers (and see several that I've already been lucky enough to hang out with like Hayley, Ellie, Fiona and Amy). My first event is on Wednesday so I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!


  1. I am coming Friday now :D

    Can't wait for a bit of a party with everyone!!

    Also, yay I'm Frizz Miracle too! x

  2. Welcome to the party! I'm an Aussome Volume member - are you coming to the party on Friday? I am so excited!

  3. Oh so jealous! I need some frizz miracle in my life!

  4. Ooh I am ever so slightly jealous! These products look great, definitely something I will have to invest in at some point! Have fun at the event :) xxx

  5. I'm coming to the party Friday. :)
    Be good to meet and have a chat with lots more bloggers.


  6. Ah jealous! I wanna be an Aussie Angel! Have fun x

  7. I'm in the frizz tribe too :) Are you going to the Leeds or London event on Friday?? I'm off to the Leeds one :) xxx

  8. Ooh very envious - I just pretend I'm my own Aussie Angel as I use all their products anyway! Congrats! xxx


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