Sunday 6 February 2011

How's your view of things today, got up young to fade away.

I keep getting nominated to do the 7 Things meme, and was planning to do it, but then I found an old Facebook Note when I did the TWENTY FIVE things meme, and decided to update it a bit and do that instead, because I am an overachiever.

1. I got hit by a truck once and escaped with a small bruise on my hand. I might be bionic.
2. I'm absolutely, utterly, a million percent TERRIFIED of sharks. I can't even look at a photo of one. I am pretty much certain a shark lives behind the wall of all swimming pools, just waiting to burst through. You're welcome.

You can never be too sure.

3. I'm really not 100% convinced that there won't be a zombie uprising within my lifetime. This scares the crap out of me.
4. I have needed help to see in some capacity for 21 years. My dad is the only person I know with worse eyesight than me. I get free eye tests!
5. I can fit my entire fist in my mouth.

Um. Yeah.

6. I have never been unconscious. Except for sleep, obviously.
7. I once turned down the chance to have a threesome with Russell Brand.
8. My nose is squashier than most noses, because I'm missing that bit of cartilage in the end.
9. I constantly narrate my own life. No, really. I've been doing it for as long as I can remember.
10. I sometimes go 'HIIII-YA!', karate chop style, when I turn my indicators on and off.
11. Despite my girlie, twee exterior, I am quite the fan of Marilyn Manson.

Wouldn't think it, would ya?

12. I am freaking amazing at writing complaint letters. It's a gift.
13. God, I wish I could teleport.
14. I'm bad at all sports, but I hate bowling most of all because it's supposed to be fun. And it isn't.
15. I have a pretty good memory, and sometimes pretend not to know names or details so people don't think I'm crazy and obsessive. Maybe I am.
16. This means that when someone criticises me, I'll probably remember it forever. I have a big-forehead complex because someone told me when I was 12 that I had a big forehead. Hello, fringe. Also, when I was 6 my sister said I had bad breath and I still eat mints obsessively. Bit paranoid, perhaps.

That's a lot of forehead for one person.

17. I DO own trousers, but the only ones I wear on a regular basis are trackie bottoms. And pyjamas. I love pyjamas.
18. I can touch type at nearly 90 words per minute. This is why I tweet so much.

Can't sleep, Hulk will eat me.

19. For a long time, I believed the Incredible Hulk (the original, scary one) lived at the top of one of the huge fir trees visible from my old bedroom window. I was a gullible child, and have two older siblings. They were mean.
20. I'm pretty sure that Derren Brown is evil. Doesn't he look a little bit like the devil?

He can kill you with his brain.

21. Whilst driving, I either make up inappropriate swearword combinations to call my fellow drivers or, I call them 'Sir'. It depends on my mood.
22. Muse songs are my favourite thing to sing when I'm alone in the car because I can really commit to the caterwauling. Singing is not my gift.
23. I own the Powerpuff Girls Movie Soundtrack. IT'S GOOD.

I am basically Blossom.

24. Small children love me. They come up to me in public and grin at me. It's freaky.
25. I think 'I've Gotta Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas is the worst song ever written. IT IS SO BAD. Why do they say Saturday TWICE. Why is it called 'Gotta' and not 'Got A'. Do they not realise that 'Gotta' means 'GOT TO'. THEREFORE their song is called 'I'VE GOT TO FEELING'. THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Also why is it still being played on the radio IT WAS RELEASED TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO.

Worst. Song. Ever.
(Yep, it really was playing when this photograph was taken)

TAGGED: You! No, not you. YOU.


  1. I loved this. Proper made my day, its so hilarious :') I agree about Derren Brown, he's a psycho! :| xxx

  2. I almost definitely love you for this. I too remember too much about stuff/people/places and pretend I don't know so people don't think I'm a massive weirdo! I am also going too request you write me a complaint letter to Odean cinema! Loved reading this, it's rare I laugh at stuff when its written down but you always manage to get a chuckle out of me! ;)

  3. Brilliant! I have my 25 things on my blog already. I should update it maybe but I've posted twice today. I think that enough.

  4. Lol you are just too funny, I love the Black Eyed Peas analysis. Methinks you should write a letter of complaint to Will I am (and moan about his name while you're at it).

  5. I'm the same with my memory and I'm forever pretending to not know stuff for exactly the same reason. Also, could you please explain the story behind turning Russell Brands three some offer down?

  6. fantastic! i loved reading this. and i also share your number 1 talent (for some reason)

  7. Ok, best list based post ever!

    Also to pretty much every one I was like 'Omg me too!!' I pretend to forget stuff I've really remembered because I'm afraid of embarrassing the person that they haven't remembered anything about me though... I'm not sure if that makes me big headed or not?

  8. Hahaha brilliant! I really hate that Black eyed peas song too... it makes me want to hurt things!

  9. i love this post so much! i also pretend i've forgotten details so that people don't think i'm creepy/obsessive!

    i'd love to hear the russell brand story too! i love him but i think i would have turned the offer of a threesome down too haha! xx

  10. Muse songs wailed in the car? You're my kind of girl.

  11. Love this post!
    The same thing happens to me with small children - its a little scary. x

  12. 15. I have a pretty good memory, and sometimes pretend not to know names or details so people don't think I'm crazy and obsessive. Maybe I am. I think we must be twins! I was reading some of those going 'Hey, I'm like that too!' (IE sports one - I am awful at everything, even stuff I like - badminton for example, we do this tournament thing in gym where you start at whatever point the teacher puts you and if you lose, you go back a slot and with every match you lose, you go back one (and if you win, you go forward) until you reach the end, resp. the beginning. I reached the end a few weeks ago. And I'm still there) but fact number 15...I do that and it freaks me out but it reassures me to know someone else is like that :)


  13. I'm quite fond of Marlyn Manson too, he's quite clever.

    Good list!

  14. I love reading random things about other people! It's just so good to know there are so many interesting people out there.
    I can be so paranoid, too, sometimes. Other times I'm just downright lazy about myself!

  15. this cracked me up, but I'm still reeling about your immense typing speed skills!
    Also, I'm 99% sure you're right about the sharks.

  16. Hehehe. I love Mr Marilyn Manson too, it is probably from growing up with Boy George and still having a thing for men wearing lipstick. And I think Derren Brown looks like an accountant (that is still pretty scary) x

  17. Heheh you're so funny miss! I also hate bowling - worse leisure activity ever. I think it's pretty much cos I hate anything that's too competitive AND you have to wear those yucky sweaty shoes that should not be allowed for health & safety reasons.

  18. i am now thoroughly convinced you're one of my favorite people. <3

    #3 makes me giggle.
    #5 is something i can do
    #16 is something i do too
    #21 is hilarious
    #24 *freakish grin of childish delight*

  19. Haha this made me laugh so much! :D even more than your f.a.q, you crazy lady :) im with you on the zombie takeover, it comes into my mind at least daily. also big lolz at you calling felllow drivers sir. reminds me of howard moon in the mighty boosh! comin'atcha like a wet moss! xx

  20. This really made me chuckle! :) I was a total Marilyn Manson fan when I as younger although the song Cake and Sodomy never went down too well at my (uber Catholic) high school... And I am TOTALLY Buttercup, we should totally team up to save the world... :)

    Maria xxx

  21. haaahahahahahhaha I have loads of fin reading this! I HATE I gotta a feeling... by the way, I also pretend not to know names or details so people don't think I'm crazy and obsessive ;)

  22. I actually LOVE THIS. You're the cutest and the best pretty much ever, hands down.

    An old friend of mine works for Derren Brown and apparently he's not evil. (But you're right: he totally could kill you with his brain if he wanted to.)


  23. Haha, good woman on turning down Russell Brand. Uck, imagine how grubby you'd have felt afterwards if you'd said yes?

  24. Haha, love this!!! This was great to read.
    I think a zombie uprising will happen as well (I even have a mental list of things I'll pack if I need to get make an escape in a hurry).
    Also, fitting your whole fist in your mouth makes you very very cool.

    And I thought I was te only one who did #15!! I keep pretending I don't remember people's names if it's the 2nd time I've met them.

  25. #2 and #25 are so true it's ridiculous. I've never been able to explain my deep embedded fear of sharks/hatred of that song, but you've summed it up for me. I don't even dislike the Black Eyed Peas, it really is just THAT AWFUL SONG.

  26. Oh god, 15 & 16 is me all over! & there's nothing wrong with a bit of Mr Manson ;) Hahaha

  27. You are so funny :) i loved reading this its made my morning so far

    have a good day xx

  28. This list totes made my day. YOU ARE HILARIOUS.

  29. This is probably the best "tag thingies" I've read to date. So funny.

    Love the blog, oh and snap in regards to number 20 and 24!


  30. Ohh I do some of those things too! Like remembering stuff people said to me years ago and what they wore first school day and so on. People can't believe that I remember that :)


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