Monday 8 August 2011

Super Awesome OMG Giveaway Week... THE RESULTS!

Aw, birthday week seems like AGES ago now. But it was only a week ago! And now comes the best part...

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I actually spent a good couple of hours yesterday collating all the entries into a ridiculously well-organised Excel spreadsheet, then using to choose the winners. There were over 300 in the end, so it was quite the time-consuming little operation - I'm so glad you all liked them! I'm so grateful to all the brands who helped out - Bijou Bijoux, Witch Skincare, Tabio, Brand Alley, Debenhams and Fossil - they made it all possible, and I'm so lucky to get to share all these lovely gifts with you guys.

Let's get to it, shall we?

The winner of any item they want from the shop is...
Claire from French For Cupcake!

As so many of you were ogling over her gorgeous jewellery (who wouldn't?), Alice from Bijou Bijoux has also given me a 15% discount to share with you all. Simply use the code 'essbeevee' at the checkout - but hurry, as it expires 12 August 2011.

The winner of the bumper pack of Witch Skincare goodies is...
Lily from LilyLipstick

And the TEN runners up who win a new Witch Liquid Concealer are:
Helen from Clear Your Heart
Thrifty from A Thrifty Mrs
Chef Chipmunk from Food Glorious Food
Katy from Sirens and Bells
Sally from Cool Cookie

The winner of the nautical print leggings and gingham socks is....
Alex from Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks (again!)

The winner of the £50 voucher is...
Laura from Knead and Whine!

The winner of the £50 voucher is...

The winner of the leather wallet/clutch is...
Hayley from Ceriselle!

Custom illustration and mysteeeery box
The winner of day seven's prizes is...

Congratulations everyone!

That's it now. Until next year - which is a BIG birthday... stay tuned!


  1. Woohoo! I've been after a new concealer for ages :) thanks sweet!

  2. Such a generous giveaway....congratulations to all who won :)

    T x

  3. Such a generous giveaway....congratulations to all who won :)

    T x

  4. oh, pity i missed your Giveaway this time..hopefully next time around soon..

    btw, I have a little jewelry Giveaway over my place if you wanna check it out, and might light to enter!

    Thank you!

  5. Yayyyy =D Thank you very much! And thanks for linking to my little bloggy!

    x x x

  6. Yeyy! My concealer virtually run out! Congrats to the other winners! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  7. Oh wow- I am so happy to have won!! *happy dance* Thank you!
    You were so sweet organising all this for us, I bet the sorting out took forever afterwards!

    Florrie x

  8. Oh wow, I won! That has made my day. I loved your birthday week of giveaways, such amazing prizes and must have been a lot of work organising it all.
    Congratulations to everyone who won! x

  9. Ahhh this is awesome! I have never won a giveaway ever ever :) Thank you so much! x

  10. Hurrah! Although I feel a bit like the heat is on now and I actually have to create a lighthouse outfit to wear the leggings with...Hmmm...

    Thank you ever so much for hosting such amazing giveaways. Do I need to let you know my address or will they be in touch by email?


  11. i just got your email and it put a smile on my face! happy i wonnever one a giveaway before! thankyou so much :) xxx

  12. I desperately wanted a witch concealer, oh well..congrats... :D

  13. i never got my prize :/ did anyone else? xxx


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