Friday 7 October 2011

Just one year of love is better than a lifetime alone.

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Not too many people realise that when I started Friday Frocks, my blog's only regular feature, it was actually a challenge. I'd counted my dresses, you see, and realised that I had just over 50. 'Hmmm,' I thought. 'That's enough dresses to wear a different one every week for a year.'

So I set myself the rules - feature a different dress (from my own wardrobe) every Friday for a year. (There was one exception - the 80s ensemble that Amy loaned me. To make up for this, I did a double bill on my birthday. Yep, I can be a bit OCD about these things.)

It was quite funny, going back and compiling this post, remembering the weeks where I wasn't in a great mood, or the times when I felt a bit silly or hyper when I was taking the photos. A lot's changed in that year, especially in my blog, which has had a huge impact on my life. It's funny - the first dress I featured was what I wore to my very first blogging event, and now I consider some of the girls I met there to be really good friends. Aw.

A year in dresses has made me a lot more aware of what's in my wardrobe - I stopped being so reliant on the same gang of old faithfuls and started delving into the back of the wardrobe a bit more. Aaand it's made me realise that, damn, I have a lot of dresses.

I wanted to do something hugely fitting and amazing for tonight’s Friday Frock. I mean, it’s a YEAR OF DRESSES. Number 52 should be a pretty big deal, right? But it was hard to find something appropriately incredible. I know what I had in mind, but I don’t own any gowns or couture (even though I SHOULD, right?). Plus, I like my dresses to be occasion appropriate – it’s really rare for me to get dressed up for the sake of taking a photograph, I’ve normally worn the outfit in question that day (or am about to head out).

So in the end, I went with a classic. A GOOD classic. What I love about LBDs is how different they all are. I’ve featured them a couple of times before, but this one is nothing like them. Definitely a party dress. And, well... am I allowed to admit that I feel really quite foxy in this dress?

Because I DO.

Damn you, weird lighting.

It’s so ridiculously flattering. I’ve had it for at least two years, but I constantly forget about it because it looks so unremarkable on the hanger. It’s really thin and light and when I ordered it from Topshop initially, I really didn’t expect to want to keep it. But then I put it on, and was just like ‘...oh!’ It makes me feel like a 16 year old again, back when the fashion was to wear what were basically slips, and damnit, we pulled them off. I just... love it. I love how well designed it is – the waist is fitted, but skimming, meaning it never feels too tight, and doesn’t have to stay in the ‘when you lose half a stone’ section of my wardrobe. The bodice is incredibly supportive, but the sweetheart style neck would flatter any figure. And the skirt hides a multitude of sins. It’s FABULOUS.

I wore it out for my friend Sarah’s birthday – drinks in a quiet pub then dancing at Madam JoJo’s. It made me really want to go to swing dancing lessons. I’d quite like to learn how to do it without feeling like I’m going to fall over at any second.

Dress - Topshop
Bag - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - GoGo Philip

And there you go. I did what I set out to do. A dress a week for a year. But where to now? I always assumed I’d stop after a year, but I've really enjoyed Friday Frocks. It’s given me an excuse to talk about my favourite item of clothing on a weekly basis, and it’s always seems to be what people remember about my blog. And I wish I could say I was running out of dresses, but honestly? I still have loads I haven’t shown you guys yet.

So. What do you think? Shall we all meet back here in a year's time, or should I quit while I’m ahead? Votes, please...


  1. Wow so many awesome dresses. Even though dresses tend to get expensive, indulge in what you love I think so as New Yorkers say: It's alll goood! I think you should keep on going it's a nice idea!
    Farrah's Muse

  2. carry on! They are all beautiful- today's especially so! Happy Friday Frocks-versary :) xxx

  3. What I liked the most about this blog was your dresses. As someone who's personal wardrobe is mainly centered around jeans your blog inspired me to try dressing more womanly. So please keep the frocks!!!! Every day of the week if you like :)

  4. You've inspired me with the dresses and I wear more dresses than I used to. It's great. Certainly get more comments than I did before when I was wearing trousers and a blouse to work...

    I say keep it as a feature. If you still have dresses to share then there is no reason to stop! I can't believe you have so many... I think I have six.

  5. wow amazing. sucha great post. really is. keep going cant wait to see more.

  6. Wow you have the most gorgeous collection of dresses! Keep going if you can with it! x

  7. Wow, I can't believe it's been a year! Love the final one you chose, it looks so stunning on you!

    You should definitely keep going though - your people need you! For dress wearers everywhere!

  8. SO envious of your dress collection. It is beauuutiful, much like you ;) I think you should carry on with them, they've become a part of Essbeevee! Also, out of curiosity after I finally met you at LFW, I tracked back to my first comment on your blog, waaay back in Jan '10 I believe! xx

  9. I am so glad I am not the only one that has "half a stone to lose" dresses in my wardrobe! I have so many that are begging to be worn!

    You look ah-mazing in that dress, the perfect one to mark a year!

  10. You do look foxy in that dress! ;) Please carry on with Friday Frocks, it makes my Fridays! I always look forward to seeing more beautiful dresses from you.

  11. You're a pretty lady, lady!
    Congratulations on a year in dresses. Could you perhaps cut the number in half for Fridays and try to wear 25 dresses in two different ways? Or even 10 dresses 5 different ways?

  12. wow well done for completing your challenge, I always give up half way through stuff like that!

    P.S your figure is AMAZING..... I'm so jealous!

    much love


  13. Good grief how can a girl have so many lovely dresses! The black Topshop on at the end is my fave though! You look stunning.

  14. Aww don't stop Sarah ! I love that you set a goal and you smashed it (may I say in utter style). This is really inspiring and post baby, I would love to take up this challenge as I have so, so many that I have never worn :(
    I think you could make a badge as I'm sure a heap of blogs would love to do this too (and with credit to you :), as it's a fab idea)
    I think it's really amazing and I love that you stuck with it, as I'm sure sometimes you did'nt always want to wear a dress on a Friday. Anyway well done and I love the LBD (yeah I remember in the late 90s, that slip dresses were huge). I wish I owned a dress shop, I would defo send you one every week. Anyway sorry for the uber comment, but you should be proud girly, hope you keep it up xxxx

  15. You look fantastic and you should definitely keep showing them all off, I know I always pop by for some dress inspiration!

    Maria xxx

  16. With regards to Friday Frocks; keep going until you run out of dresses!

  17. You foxy mama! You look gorgeous in that dress. Good choice.

    And I hope you continue the Friday Frocks, because it's a rad feature.x.

  18. LOVE the last dress! You look stunning. It's so lovely to see all your Friday Frocks together - how quickly has the year gone by?! Definitely keep it up! x

  19. Quite sensible to feel foxy in it. Definitely a foxy dress. You look gorgeous. Looks like a really fun night out too.

  20. wow, you do have a lot! I'm trying to do frocktober (a dress a day for october) and I'm struggling lol but then I dont really wear them - yours are lovely though.

  21. what a year of dresses....lovely to see all of them in one place. The last one is definitely worthy of being number 52 and I reckon you should definitely keep it my head when I think of your blog, I definitely think 'oh, yeah, she does a frock on a friday...'. And as a lover of a good frock, I look forward to fridays muchly.

  22. WHY IS YOUR BLOG SO CUUUUTE!!!?? :D :D haha abso love your little black dress btw!

  23. Ahh a whole year!! Congrats!! Lovely to see all the dresses at once. Xx


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