Friday 14 October 2011

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

And we’re back! I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t kill off Friday Frocks. I just love it TOO much. And it seems like you guys like it too, so my giant dress collection is not going anywhere for now.

Anyway. This is a nice dress, isn’t it? Flowery, colourful, very Sarah. It’s practically identical in pattern to this one and this one from Primark, and was a birthday gift from my lovely sister. S’nice. And it looks really ace with these blue Tabio tights, too and also these – WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND MY CALVES? Oh yeah…


Dress - Primark
Tights - Tabio
Boots - New Look
Necklace - Topshop

Am I allowed to let boots usurp a post that’s meant to be about a dress? Screw it, I’m doing it anyway. LOOK AT MY BOOTS. Look at them! Aren’t they nice? They’re all high and pretty and warm and stylish and loooovely. And yes, I’m someone who gets more excited than most by things that I can wear, but this is even more of a Big Flipping Deal. I have nice knee high boots, everyone! AND THEY FIT.

Knee high boots never fit me. Or they do, and are horribly frumpy, or make my legs look like sausages, or have, like, 2 inch heels or something. THAT’S NOT A REAL HEEL. That’s an insult to the concept of a heel! I hate my giant calves. Every winter I get excited that more and more people are producing wide calf boots and then every winter I want to go round to their head offices and tantrum all over the place because all the boots are HORRIBLE. Just because someone has wide calves doesn’t mean that a pair of decent heels cannot support their weight - pair of decent heels can support most people’s weight. If 6 foot drag queens can wear them, then this 5’1 girl certainly should be able to!

And then New Look came along. I like to think they’ve read my previously ranty posts and thought ‘We can end her boot woes!’* and so they produced these.

*They almost definitely did not think this. BUT MAYBE THEY DID. If they did, can they make this coat please? Ta.

They’re absolutely perfect. They fit really well – they have a zip at the bottom so they’re fitted, but are slightly elasticated at the top. It doesn’t look great when they’re off, but when you’re wearing them you don’t even notice it. Ruching can both hide or create bulk, but in this case it works, making my calves look slimmer. And they have a gorgeous, HIGH heel. A real heel. I’m 5’1, if I’m going to wear heels, I want REAL heels, okay?

My only SLIGHT criticism is that they’re a material that can’t be easily cleaned, so I don’t know how well they’ll stay looking neat. But my suede-look ankle boots from DP last year were worn to death and still look almost new, so I have faith. And right now, there’s £10 off them so they’re only £25! MAGIC.

But, you know, the dress is nice too.



  1. Haha love this! MY friend at work has the exact same woes and she came in this week with these boots! I think new look have solved alot of peoples boot problems! x

  2. Love these pictures. The boots are gorgeous, the dress is cute and you look especially delicious. Love your hair! x

  3. I'm a new follower. You are PRECIOUS! Love the pics.


  4. Absolutely love the print of the dress and the color of the tights. Love your new boots as well. You look so precious, love the hair.

  5. Awesome boots! I know exactly which ones those are since I work on a New Look shoe department. Random fact: They are called Flavour (yes the shoes have names and I know them all!) You probably didn't need or want to know that but I told you anyway :)

  6. Gorgeous boots and they go so well with that dress and the blue tights! x

  7. Oh I so very nearly got this dress, now I wish I had! congrats on the boots btw, I can most definitly empathise with calf related boot woes, it seems so many people have this problem though! why do they not sort it!

  8. I have that dress too :) and wore it with blue tights on wednesday.
    I struggle to find knee high boots (and wellies!) to fit my muscley calves too :(

  9. I have exactly the same problem. Hence why I stick to ankle boots, make me feel less of a fatty! I might have to pay New Look a trip! I'd love a pair of brown and black riding boots really.

  10. Same problem here, even when I'm at my slimmest. I've resorted to Duo boots which come in width sizes, but they're investment buys so they do last but cost a lot up front. Will have to have a look in NL too - although think these are too high for me. What I need is nice coloured wellies in calf widths (Hunter take note) - I had to buy horrible mens olive ones as they were the only ones that would fit. Bleurgh

  11. You look gorgeous, I love the boots and the dress is lovely :)

    Maria xxx

  12. I absolutely love this outfit - the colours are gogeous together and those boots are fantastic!

  13. Lovely colour! I really need to buy myself some new winter boots x


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