Sunday 30 October 2011

Tell me the truth, is it love or just Paris?

I'm such a warm weather girl, ordinarily, but I can't help but feel somewhat gleeful at the approach of winter. It was really quite easy to slip back into opaque tights - comforting, sin-hiding tights - and I'm just waiting with bated breath for it to officially be hat weather again. Hats are ace.

I've spoken about it before - the change of season is totally an excuse to go shopping. And in my all-too-regular late night perusals of the internet (some call it 'window shopping', I call it 'research') I stumbled across La Redoute and was struck by just how many of the clothes on there made it onto my A/W wishlist. You know me - I like structure in my clothing. To me, women's clothes that fit and flatter are an essential part of my wardrobe - none of that floaty, skimmy rubbish that only flatters women who are super skinny or actually pregnant. And La Redoute seem to get that, which, yay.

These two dresses are gorgeous - I'm all for dresses with sleeves as a rule. I love the unusual design of the second one - such a good workwear ensemble!

And this coat - OH, this coat - if it was red, it would be the coat. I'm so tempted to get it anyway - I actually really love the dark blue colour and I adore that full skirt. Perfect for wintry twirling. I do lots of that, you see.

And even though it's starting to get a bit cold for them, I keep finding myself looking at coloured blazers lately. I can think of several items in my  huge dress collection that would go beautifully with this little turquoise number. 

I also adore the battered leather look of this squashy bag. I think that's why I always resist buying designer items, because I like things that you can go straight into using, rather than worrying about scratching it or marking it. It's so pretty.

I keep finding more shops to fall in love with, it's a problem. Really, I just need to win the lottery already so I can buy EVERYTHING. But for now, I definitely think I'll be investing in that navy coat. I think it may have been made for me. (Sigh.)

PS - This post was written in collaboration with La Redoute. 


  1. love the coloured blazer! i'm looking for a nice burgundy/maroon colour at the moment! and the bag is super cute :)


  2. I'm always "researching" too and waiting to win the lottery so I can buy everything I want. Loved the second dress, sadly we don't have changing seasons here just one tropical weather all the time, I wished I could mix lots of layers but is a torture here ):

  3. La Redoute have some gorgeous clothes! I love that turquoise blazer. x

  4. I also do alot of 'research' for clothes, whilst secretly wishing that I write a bestseller that makes me a multimillonaire so I can buy all the clothes I want (if I'm going to dream, I may as well go the whole hog!)

    I agree that coat would look perfect on you, and in actual fact anytime I hear the words 'red coat', I look to see what its like, in case its 'the one'...

    But the blazer is also lovely, as is the bag too!

  5. I love La Redoute!

    Also, the quality of the clothes I've always found to be very good.
    Delivery can take a while though, because it comes direct from France (apparently) !! :) xx


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