Monday 31 October 2011

TBBCAR: The Winners (and Happy Halloween...)

So TBBCAR is over and overall, we made £851!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated to TBBCAR. Organising it was rather stressful - not helped by the JustGiving website going down for maintenance with less than half an hour to go until midnight - but we got there in the end! I was a bit gutted though as I really hoped that we'd make over £1000 and I can't help but wonder if we could have got that crucial last £150 in that final 30 minutes. But it's all going towards a good cause and I'm hugely grateful that we made ANYTHING at all. And thanks to all the people who didn't get sick of my constant promotion on Friday - I was expecting Twitter unfollows by the bucketful!

My biggest thank you though has to go to everyone who donated products. Some of the brands got in touch of their own accord, others responded to my pleas and several blogging readers went out and got products to donate, or offered to make things or extend their services. So a huge, huge thank you for all the donations - you REALLY didn't have to and apart from helping out a good cause, you didn't have anything to gain from offering vouchers or products. So I'm incredibly appreciative - especially as LOTS of people completely ignored my begging! Breast Cancer Campaign is really close to my heart. My aunt has had it twice and I have far too many close friends who have lost people to it.

Anyway. I guess you guys want to know the winners, right? Aaaalright then.

£50 of Debenhams vouchers - Tamsin Worrad
£20 of Clippy vouchers - Emily Dyson
A selection of House of Holland tights from MyTights - Shaheina Khan
An October Glossybox - Sophie Langford
£20 gift voucher for Crown & Glory - Jen Holmes
£30 gift voucher for my Etsy shop - Tzevai Chong
A vintage Burberry handbag from Darwin & Delilah - Edward Granata
£100 gift voucher from Stanwells Boutique - Sarah Learoyd
Bespoke online design service from Abby - Jazmine Rocks
£50 Voucher from Sarenza - Gemma Francis
£50 Voucher from Sarenza - Emma Baines
A signed copy of The C-Word by Lisa Lynch - Gabriella Butt
A signed copy of Cult Fiction by Ardie Collins - Amy Reichelt
A selection of GoGo Philip jewellery - Rachel Alexander
A piece of your choice from Bijou Bijoux - Abbi Kendall
£50 Matalan Voucher - Russell McGovern
Simeon Farrar for Fulton Limited Edition Umbrella - Sophie King

Congratulations everyone! I'll be emailing you all over the next few days to sort out getting your prizes to you. And that's it! Thanks so much again.

In other news, I also wanted to say Happy Halloween! It's one of my favourite times of year, and we had a bit of a dress up day at work today. I've gotta say, I felt rather at home in stripy tights and lashings of eyeliner - I think I'll always be a quasi goth at heart!

Dress - New Look (featured here)
Earrings - Claire's

I got the cute little clip-on hat in Accessorize, and I've had the tights for about seven years - I was really outraged at spending £8 for a pair of tights but I think I've worn them every Halloween since! And - unbelievably - I've had the earrings since I was 13. I can't believe they've lasted all this time!

Happy Halloween everyone (and thanks again for TBBCAR!).


  1. congratulations to everyone! and i won something too? unexpected! thank-you :)

    happy halloween, too! i adore your little witch hat :)


  2. Oh wow! I won?! Amazing! Well done on raising such a brilliant amount - you did a fantastic job getting all the prizes and rallying people round to donate. YOU ARE WONDERFUL! xx

  3. Congratulations to the winners! I donated, and glad I did, you worked so hard and I'm glad you helped raise so much for a worthy cause.
    p.s your hair is bloody amazing!

  4. Ahh I am rubbish and missed this because I was busy trying to cook a meal for 10 people! Damnit. Are you going to make it an annual thing? You should! Your halloween outfit looks fab too. Love the nails.

  5. Oh em gee! My face looks like this :-O and this :-D I can't believe I won! Congratulations on making so much money, the prizes were all amazing!

    Love the Halloween outfit, especially the nails! I was so rubbish I forgot to get any sweets and have to give one bemused child a packet of Hula Hoops...brilliant.

    Congratulations again on the fabulously successful raffle! x

  6. SO excited! What to buy with my voucher? Eeee! Well done on raising this much money, it's amazing!

  7. Only just seen this as I'm away in Vietnam at the moment but can't believe I won! So chuffed! :)
    Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job Sarah and rest assured that if you ever want to do anything like this again that I'll help promote etc as much as I can :)


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