Monday 5 March 2012

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur.

There are some things that I think you can't declare to be an abomination without experiencing it for yourself. Like Twilight. (My judgement: terrible but compulsive. And I'm only Team Edward because he and Bella are super bores that deserve each other.)

Which brings me onto ugg boots! I've featured furry boots before, although they weren't the classic "Ugg" style. Even though I've never owned ugg boots before, and, well, they're not VERY me. I'm more of a high heels or ballet pumps girl, really. But so many of my friends love them, and I've always been reluctant to just dismiss them - just like Twilight, I prefer to be fully informed before judging.

Sooo, when Whooga sent me an adorable email, suggesting I'd like to try some of their ugg-style boots because my feet might be cold, I accepted. My feet are ALWAYS cold, you guys! Right now I have tights and two pairs of socks on!

It was raining on Sunday when I finally got the chance to photograph these, and even though sheepskin is resistant to water, I didn't want to risk ruining them on their first excursion so I photographed them inside, when I kept them on pretty much all day - kind of like slippers. They are ridiculously cosy and comfortable, I have to say. Basically, if I could wear pyjamas all day, I would, and so I do totally get the popularity of uggs - they're like PJs for the feet! They were a little tight for me, but I folded down the tops which made them fit perfectly. And I think they look better this way!

I remain a little undecided on uggs, to be honest. I completely understand why they are so loved, but I am unsure how much I'll actually wear them. Still, if the big freeze returns as the papers predict every other day, I have a feeling I'll be living in them before long.



  1. love them, amazing!
    i want some now :)

  2. Whooga sent me some of these last year and I adore them!!

    I rarely wear them outdoors because I'm still kinda undecided on their aesthetic quality but you can't deny they're some warm/comfortable boots!

    Literally the first thing I do when I get home/up/out of the shower is slip them on.

    Mmm toasty.

    [ Becky at life/style/flash. blog]

  3. I really detest "ugg" boots but you make them look so comfy...just ... cant .... resist!!!!!

  4. Comfy and lovely for indoors, wouldn't wear them outside. Just hate seeing girls scuffing along in them!
    I do cold feet though, double sock kinda of girl.

  5. i must admit, i've never "got" the whole UGg thing, they're just not really me, but these look super comfy and cosy for being indoors - i think it's just the wearing them outside part which i find odd.

  6. Uggs look like lovely slippers. Warm feet, nice sturdy sole, and I like a hard sole on a slipper, so I don't have to bother changing out of them for things like taking out the bin out, or checking the mailbox. Beyond the car-park of my flat though, I wouldn't wear them. No. Horrible.

  7. That's the problem I think with Uggs and that kind of shoes in general I think. Perfect and lovely to wear around the house, or like you say, when it's freezing cold out. But everyday? Not for me thank you :)
    R xx


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