Friday 16 March 2012

Walking with spiders.

I always think that if Little Red Riding Hood had stuck to the path, there would have been no story. Oh, sure, no one would have got eaten by a wolf, either, but if you believe the later versions of that story, everyone was fine. Except the wolf.

I always want to go down the path that looks like it leads to a story, whether it's the gap in the hedge that reminds me of the way out of Wall, the stepping stones, the hidden door in a garden wall or past the creepy statues.

Our garden looks like it has miles and miles to explore, but it's overgrown and there's a great big river in the way, so it's not easy to get any further than the decking. But this week I pushed through, further out and further in and got way beyond my normal spot. Even though I could still see my house in the distance it felt like I was still exploring somewhere new. Maybe next time I'll venture a little further from home with my camera, and find myself an adventure.

 Dress - Apricot
Belt & Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins

It's not easy to look graceful balancing on a log, by the way. And sometimes you get your hair caught in trees.

PS - Thanks for all your comments on Wednesday's post! I was in two minds about posting that, and I'm glad I did. :) 


  1. Oh I'm totally with you on straying from the path to explore, much to my friends' annoyance when we're out! There's something quite exciting about getting lost, as long as you eventually find your way back!

    This dress is so cute, so nice and colourful against the backdrop of browns.

  2. Lovely dress :) Gorgeous photos too lady, I love that you went for a little adventure, I hope it continues :)

  3. Nerdy comment, but I love the layout of these photos! Love the tiny thin ones eeeee! xo

  4. I have those boots - love them. Adventures are what it's all about, even the small ones. My small adventures usually involve me taking a wrong turn while driving - I see it as a way of getting to know places better. :) xx

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