Friday 23 March 2012

Just like a circus.


I never realised I had so many LBDs until I started blogging. Now I know I have lots... and, to be honest, I like them all a lot more than this one. It's okay, I guess, but it's not a great fit - too low cut for work but rather too long for a night out. I've worn it once, and... meh. It's just a bit nothingy. It's also linen, which is the worst. I hate you, clothes-that-need-ironing! I am embarrassed by how obvious the creases are in the photos. They didn't show in person, I'm sure of it!

So, I figured I'd do something about that by the magic of... ACCESSORIES. Ooooh. *waves hands around mysteriously*

First of all, this shrug, which Hayley picked up for me from Primark for a bargain price. I haven't worn it yet (Jen has one too and seems to find millions of ways to make it work, but I'm less adventurous than she is!) but it works perfectly with an LBD, especially to make a too-busty dress a bit more decent!


Secondly, the petticoat. It would look better under a more a-line skirt, to be honest, but I still think the effect is pretty damn cute, and turns a dull dress into something rather more special. Sarah told me about the petticoats from Boux Avenue, and when I took a look, I found it was reduced to just £10! It's lovely quality, similar to the kind they sell in Vivien of Holloway, but much shorter. Which suits me, because I'm much shorter than most people. I'm very tempted by the other colours now, especially black (although I do wish they did a red one!).

I'm pleased with the overall effect - I really feel like I'm wearing a different outfit. And I'm not sure I'm ever going to take the petticoat off. HOW did I not own one before?

Dress - ASOS
Petticoat - Boux Avenue
Shrug & Shoes - Primark
Belt (worn backwards) - Matalan
Ring - H&M


  1. Oh my god I need a petticoat in my life!



  2. That shrug is possibly the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while! And from Primarni too, who would've thunk it?! Definitely agree that a petticoat and other little outfit extras are key to making clothes into an outfit, you look beautiful. Also, are you going to Katch PR press day shenanigans? xxxx

  3. Love the pictures & you hooked up the dress beautifully! :)


  4. Love that petticoat!! Also, I have a lace cape thingy just like yours that I've had for so long it's practically vintage - totally digging it out!!

    Nicki xx

  5. Oh gosh that purple looks so pretty under the dress!

  6. LBD is the classic, same like plain white tops.. I mean.. you never have enough

  7. I actually really like this dress, I think it is a flattering fit but I hate to iron too, I just refuse to partake in ironing. I love the shrug and I've been a big fan of petticoats since my going out days, I use to wear just a petticoat and stockings out some nights - no lie. What a pretty garden btw.


  8. I love that petticoat! You've styled the black dress so well. I have a few dresses in the same fabric as this one which I rarely wear as I hate ironing. x

  9. I've got that little capelet thing too from Primark and I wear it all the time! I love it for those times when you're called on the last minute to go for drinks and can't be bothered to make an effort. It looks great over a plain jumper or t-shirt.

  10. I love how you've styled it, looks very different and is so cute. Plus I'm a big fan of anything circus-esque!

  11. Holy shit you look amazing! xo

  12. The dress looks great accessorized like that, I love the shrug.

  13. I absolutely love the beaded shrug! You should definitel wear that more often if you can! I am always so impressed with people who can make a dress look completely different like this using just accessories.

  14. I need that shrug immediately, if not sooner. xx

  15. What great ideas! I personally love petticoats. I even flounced around the house in the first one I bought, twirling. Entertained my housemates, ha ha. That shrug looks great on you :) xx

  16. I hear you on ironing. This is a post I did on "life being too short to". Life is too short to...


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