Friday 2 March 2012

Hey scenesters, hey hey scenesters.

The Dress
Mela Loves London is a sneaky little brand. I'm saying this because I want you to be prepared. Oh sure, you'll stumble across a couple of discounted dresses in a hidden corner of Debenhams and think, 'Hey. There's no harm in it.'

That's how they get you. In fact, they've already got you. Before you know it, dresses from Mela Loves London will be chosen for you by friends and family, because they seem 'very you'. The concession starts to follow you everywhere. You comment on a friend's dress - oh! Guess where it's from. You find yourself drawn to the MLL rail in New Look. And gradually, ever so gradually, all those other high street brands in your wardrobe get shunted out in favour of Mela.

If brands were bodysnatchers... WELL. I don't think I need to say any more.

The Hat
In truth, what I REALLY want is a top hat. I sort of feel like I'd wear it all the time. Possibly. Maybe not at all. BUT MAYBE. Unfortunately, I haven't found one yet, but I'm quite cheerfully settling for this bowler hat. It's hipster and trendy, and if I wore it in most corners of Hertfordshire, I suspect I'd feel like a total douche, BUT I LIKE IT.

Here is a fact: if I go to a party and there is a hat, it is a 97% certainty that I will end up wearing that hat.

The Boots
...are some of the most uncomfortable I own. Keep an eye out for them on eBay.

Dress - Mela Loves London
Hat & Boots - H&M
Cardigan - New Look
Tights - Tesco
Belt - Topshop


  1. Really love this outfit...the belt is soo cute. I have a bunch of hats from H&M - they make really well fitted ones that are so on trend.

    Laura x

  2. Lovely outfit and the hat is awesome! I wish I has the nerve to wear a hat, sadly I do not :( I look silly in a hat! Xx

  3. HAHAHA Sarah this is my favourite post of yours yet! You make me laugh! You also look stunning and im actually frightened to click on the link through fear of my addiction setting in! ALA Joy and Dahlia! xx

  4. I love this dress and that belt is so cute! x

  5. I want a mini top hat. Love your outfit :) xx

  6. I love the dress and the shoes, and oh no, I just clicked on the link... help us all!


  7. I can never resist a hat, they just complete an outfit perfectly. Love this dress!
    R xx

  8. I love the hat on you! The dress is super pretty too - definitely a very 'you' brand!

  9. haha...'if brands were bodysnatchers'... love it.

    and love the dress too, and the hat and the shoes. so I guess I probably should have just said that I liked the outfit.

  10. Lovely outfit :) You looked stunning & I literally adore your hat- you look amazing x

  11. That belt! I am in love woth it and the dress looks very pretty on you!

    Maria xxx

  12. Love that dress! And p.s. I love the duck on the shoes post ;)

    Sophh Elizabeth

  13. I wanted a top hat like I'd never wanted anything before (well, since the week before) but when it came it just looked really odd. Not funky, just odd. So I'm sticking with bowlers and trilbys. But I wish you luck on your search!


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